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DOC Piemonte Albarossa

August 1, 2011

d.o.c. D.M. 22/11/1994

Piemonte Albarossa is made from the grape variety of the same name, which is the result of a cross fertilisation between Barbera and Nebbiolo di Dronero, now known as Chatus, by Prof.

Dalmasso in 1938. The wine must undergo an ageing period of 12 months from the 1st of  November of the year in which the grapes are produced.

The production regulations for Piemonte Doc Albarossa indicate that the wine must present the following characteristics when it is released for sale:


deep ruby red


vinous characteristic


dry, with good body

Minimum total alcohol content by volume: 12.50%

Minimum total acidity: 4.5 g/litre

Maximum total acidity: 7.5 g/litre

Minimum sugar-free extract: 26g/litre.