Anciently called Cohors Aemilia, it’s one of the main towns in the Langhe.

Its original nucleus are medieval houses, each with its porch.

The cylindrical tower, built in 1200, dominates the town, and is the only remaining of the aleramic castle.

The river Bormida divides Cortemilia in two quartiers, named after the churches of saint Michael and saint Pantaleo.

Beautiful is the former Franciscan convent, that is said to have been built by saint Francis himself.

Cortemilia is famous for its round hazelnut, to which a fair is dedicated, that takes place every August.

Events in Cortemilia and around

07 Dec

Giuseppe Marzari girò praticamente tutta la Liguria ed oltre, con il suo spettacolo fatto di monologhi e canzoncine. Gian Domenico Solari, chiavarese, ne riproduce le gesta

25 Dec

Per festeggiare il Natale lo Chef Claudio vi aspetta a Lequio Berria, dove l'Alta Langa presenta il suo lato più genuino e legato alle tradizioni

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