High Langa

The Murazzano dop itinerary (dop - Protected Denomination of Origin)

in Serravalle Langhe

From Alba the hills rise, in rapid succession, to Seravalle Langhe, however the landscape preserves a charming aspect. A short ride on the ridge roads, with green hills on one side and the rugged banks of the Belbo torrent on the other: in front we find Bossolasco, with its mythical past, a receptacle of proud resistance of the heroic “Langenses” against Rome’s excessive power. From here the road splits apart into two tiny itineraries, equally as suggestive.

To the left is the basin of San Benedetto Belbo and Niella Belbo, where the old structure of the monks’ feud is covered by the beautiful architecture of farmsteads and villages.

Moving downwards towards the Belbo torrent we find a social fold, a new alternative of existentiality in lands that have been exploited by urbanization and a guarantee of continuation for the ‘tuma’, which is increasingly valuable and very rare on the markets.

Moving upwards we reach Mombarcaro, the roof of the Langhe which is often caressed by the “marino” winds; a rustic world stretched between the ridges of Belbo and Bormida. From the Bossola pass, leaving behind the Belbo torrent, we move on to the vast basin of the Rea.

The remaining chestnut trees lead the way to Somano, a balcony of vines, where the ‘Tuma’ is often skillfully preserved in olive oil. Tiny centers surround Murazzano, which presents one of the most beautiful urban structures of the Langhe.

This itinerary, which circles back to Alba, is roughly 100 km long and can be covered either by car or by bicycle. You have to be fit for the cycle route, given the differences in heights. View the map of the itinerary.

The Castle of Caldera

Via G. Galliano, 1, 12077 Monesiglio CN, Italia
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The San Rocco chapel

SP212, 12070 Prunetto CN, Italia
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San Frontiniano's Church

Chiesa di San Frontiniano, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Arguello, Province of Cuneo, Italy
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The sanctuary of the Virgin Mary

Via Ravina, 12070 Gottasecca CN, Italia
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The castle of Camerana

SP111, 2, 12072 Camerana CN, Italia
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