Serravalle Langhe

Serravalle stands in a wonderful panoramic place, facing the plan and the Alps.

The town hall is sited in one of the most important historical buildings: the seventeenth-century marquess’ palace, with two small towers, one on each side of the facade.

Apart from the parish church of the Assumption, the most relevant architectural feature is the Oratory of saint Michael Archangel, built in the thirteenth century.

The town’s main fair is held on the second Sunday in June.


In the Roman era the town stood in a different place, on the hill’s side, near the Belbo river.

It later was rebuilt where today the Villa village stands, where there was a castle built by the French in the XVII century.

The town was then moved again to its definitive place, and the Del Carretto family, then its lords, had a mijestic palace built.

Serravalle was relatively well-known during the French Revolution, when the Jacobins placed the first Freedom Tree in the town’s square.

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The oratory of saint Michael

Via M. Baudana, 5, 12050 Serravalle Langhe CN, Italia
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The castle of Borgomale

Piazza Castello, 12050, Borgomale, CN, Italia
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The parish church of Madonna della Neve

Via della Porta, 19, 12050 San Benedetto Belbo CN, Italia
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The chapel of saint Martin of Lignera

SP439, 6, 12079 Lignera CN, Italia
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Madonna della Pieve

Via la Pieve, 27, 12074 Cortemilia CN, Italia
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