High Langa

San Frontiniano's Church

in Arguello

Arguello - San Frontiniano's Church

In order to go from the square in Arguello to the old church of San Frontiniano it’s necessary to walk the only little street coming down between the houses.

The old cobbled surface is a sign of its being once a street leading to the Balbo river.

The church, wholly made of stone, has been changed many times in the past; a proof of this are the two facades, one facing west and one east.

The first is the oldest one, where the original door was (now closed); the second is very simple, decorated with two lunettes, in which was enclosed a piece of a roman tombstone.

It now is preserved in the city hall, after having been found during recent restorings, and is a sign of the roman presence in the Langhe and the use of local stones to remember the dead.

Photo Credits: I luoghi del cuore

San Frontiniano's Church

Chiesa di San Frontiniano, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Arguello, Province of Cuneo, Italy
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