High Langa

Feisoglio: the parish church of saint Lawrence


Feisoglio – Built in 1428, it’s one of the oldest parish churches of the Langhe.

It stands on the top of a hill, in quite a dangerous position because of the many landslides; maybe this is th reason why in front of this church there’s no square, but only a little road. A recently built widening of the road allows tourists to see the beautiful view on the Belbo valley.

Inside the church tere are many beautiful art pieces, among which a big fresco, probably from the sixteenth century. It describes the Annunciation, and has recently been discovered, during the restorings of the building.

Beautiful is also the organ, with the writing “Opus Jacob Phil. Landei a Centallo”. The date of construction of the organ causes some problems: some say it was made in 1549 (if it was true, it would be one of hte oldest organs in Piedmont), some others 1749.

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