High Langa

The castle of Borgomale

in Borgomale

If you follow the road n. 29, from Alba to Cortemilia, you will suddenly see, after ine of the many curves, the castle of Borgomale. It’s so impressive and big that it hides the whole town behind itself.

Built of stones and particularly high, it still bears on the facade traces of the most ancient building (of the XIII century): it’s still possible to see the arch of the original portal and the machicolations above it. Typical are the entrance stairs to the drawbridge, once richly decorated with frescos.

Built to control the roads leading to the sea, that used to run all through the Langhe, it’s a good example of an originally defensive building that has become a simple villa during the centuries.

Sometimes open to the public, it now is private, used as a summer house by its owners.

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