High Langa

The church of Madonna del Carmine

in Prunetto

Built near the castle of the Scarampi, it once was the parish church of Prunetto and was dedicated to saint Lawrence.

Built in the XIV century with local sandstone, it has a three-nave structure, with two strone, unique round columns, and was surely one of the biggest churches around. The inside was decorated with a series od frescos, painted in different times.

In 1904, after it had been neglected for a long time, it no longer remained the parish church: a new one was built (again dedicated to saint Lawrence), and the old, now restored, became the sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine.

In the last years the roof has been restored, and all the rest after the flood in 1994. Also the remaining frescos have been restored.

Interesting are those in the third chapel of the left nave, painted in 1478 by Segurano Cigno, of which other paintings are in the Monregalese area.

In the right nave there are some interesting paintings of the temptations endured by saint Anthony abbot.

The church of Madonna del Carmine

SP212, 14, 12077 Prunetto CN, Italia
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