Prunetto stands a little lower than its ancient medieval part. The remainings of this part are one of the most relevant historical and architectonical complexes of the Langhe. Of the ancient events only the Scarampi castle is still standing.

It’s an impressive building, that dominates all the nearby houses.

Near its feet is the ancient stone door that once marked the entrance of the town, that still has the typical stone roof of the Langhe.

Near the castle is the sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine, that once was the parish church.

The partonal fair is held in September, and is dedicated to san Matteo.


Popular tales tell that the name of the town comes from the many plum trees that were to be found in the place where the town was built.

In 967 Ottone I wrote a diploma to give Prunetto to Aleramo, founder of the marquis of Monferrato’s dinasty.

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The church of Madonna del Carmine

SP212, 14, 12077 Prunetto CN, Italia
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Saint Martin Chapel

Gorzegno, CN, Italia
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The chapel of saint Martin of Lignera

SP439, 6, 12079 Lignera CN, Italia
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San Frontiniano's Church

Chiesa di San Frontiniano, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Arguello, Province of Cuneo, Italy
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Route of Cesare Pavese in Santo Stefano Belbo

Via Stazione, 32A, 12058 Santo Stefano Belbo CN, Italia
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