Asti Langa

Gorrino village

in Pezzolo Valle Uzzone

Pezzolo Valle Uzzone is ver yrich in traces of the past, thanks to the many country chapels around it. But the best thing to see is a gothic village, still unchanged though no longer used for people to live in.

It’s called Gorrino; it once was a regular commune, though today only a few people live there. Onth elittle square there’s a beautiful church dedicated to saint Peter. Near it there’s the castle, to which it’s connected by a covered gallery that alowed the nobles to go to Mass without having to walk with the people.

The walls of the castle still bear the signs of the different steps of the building activity; bor as a defenxive building, it was then transformed in a house.

Beautiful is the little street that goes all through the village, then round it, then again to the arch of the main entrance.

Gorrino village

Gorrino, Pezzolo Valle Uzzone CN, Italia
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San Giorgio Scarampi: the parish church

Via Brofferio, 18, 14059 San Giorgio Scarampi AT, Italia
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The Castle of Olmo Gentile

Via Piave, 1, 14050 Olmo Gentile, AT, Italia
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The parish church of Sant’Ilario

Chiesa di Sant'Ilario, Via Castello, Cassinasco, AT, Italia
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The Tuesday market in Canelli

Piazza Carlo Gancia, Canelli, AT, Italia
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Cisterna d’Asti: the castle and the arts and crafts museum

Via Duca D'Aosta di Sopra, 21, 14010 Cisterna D'asti AT, Italia
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