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The church of san Sebastiano

in Bergolo

The most important monument in Bergolo is surely the little church dedicated to Saint Sebastian, built inthe centre of the cemetery on the top of the round hill on which the whole town is built; it’s in a very panoramic position, looking on the Bormida and Uzzone valleys, some three hundred meters lower.

It’s a rather small building, first built in the XII century, interesting because of its romanic structure: it has a rectangular nave and a semicircular apse with a slim half-column and two little windows. The whole building is made with sandstone: the only decorations are pensil little arches on the perimeter of the roof, but on the facade, changed in the XIX century.

The church of san Sebastiano

Via Roma, 6, 12074 Bergolo CN, Italia
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The castle of Camerana

SP111, 2, 12072 Camerana CN, Italia
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Albaretto: the tower

Via Castello, 8, 12050 Albaretto della Torre, CN, Italia
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The Friday market in Cortemilia

Piazza Savona, Cortemilia, CN, Italia
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The castle of Borgomale

Piazza Castello, 12050, Borgomale, CN, Italia
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Saint Martin Chapel

Gorzegno, CN, Italia
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Gottasecca: the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary

Via Ravina, 12070 Gottasecca CN, Italia
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The church of San Nicola

Via Castello, 19, 12060 Belvedere Langhe CN, Italia
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