High Langa

The saint Sebastian chapel

in Paroldo

Paroldo – Coming from Ceva, the ancient chapel of saint Sebastianis just over the town, on a little hill that dominates it.

After having been neglected for years, it’s been recently restored; the works have made its very ancient structure visible.It could have been once a part of the castle; of it, just some ruins can be seen among the trees.

Beside the chapel, near the simple facade, there are the remaining of an arch (the ancient enreance to the castle?) and the original facade, that probably was inside the walls, with an harmonic stone portal and the Del Carretto family crest. During the works a tank for the gathering of rain has been discovered.

The inside has no decorations, and will became the site for exhibitions once the restorings are over.

The castle of Borgomale

Piazza Castello, 12050, Borgomale, CN, Italia
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The church of San Nicola

Via Castello, 19, 12060 Belvedere Langhe CN, Italia
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Partisan pedaling #2 on bike from Murazzano to Clavesana

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Gorrino village

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