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The parish church of Saint Lawrence


The first news about the church of saint Lawrence are to be found in a document dating back to 1409, in a statement of fidelity to the Saluzzo family.

The old church was probably much smaller than the present one, which is the result of an enlargement made in 1671.

The dedication of the church comes probably from the cathedral of Alba, dedicated to saint Lawrence since the X century.

Murazzano was a property of the dioceses of Alba until 1805, when the Pope Pio VII gave it to the one of Mondovì.

In the chapel left to the major altar there’s a little fresco, originally painted on a column, of the Madonna delle Grazie.

A second fresco, originally in the chapel of saint Sebastian, is in the right chapel, near the entrance. It represents the Virgin and Saints.

The inside of the church is definitely baroque and is richly decorated; in some side altars there are beautiful paintings.

The facade has been designed by the engineer Emilio Bruno and was made in 1928, while the frescos are by the peinter Carlo Morgari.

Credits: Photo by Dragonero

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