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The Friday market in Cortemilia

in Cortemilia

The historic center of the little town of Cortemilia, whose origins date back to Roman times, has numerous medieval buildings and squares: a walk through its two districts offers numerous locations of artistic and environmental value.

San Pantaleo and San Michele are the two areas dedicated to the market, respectively, on the right bank and left bank of the Bormida river, joined by an iron footbridge called “pontina”.

The market takes place on Fridays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and has around 42 stands.

The San Pantaleo stands

In Piazza Savona you’ll find an area dedicated to the exhibition of agricultural machinery, a clothing stand, a flowers merchant who also sells do-it-yourself and gardening tools.

The local producers’ stalls meet in the narrow Via Cavour.

Annamaria from Gottasecca presents her own production of various types of honey: acacia, chestnut, spring flowers, wildflowers.

Here too we find other honey-related products: propolis jars and hand creams made from beeswax and hypericum.

Maura instead comes from nearby Castino. On her farm, which specializes in organic production, we can find various types of honey and its derivatives as well as hazelnuts, garden produce and wild berries.

Along Corso Tripoli there are a few more fruit and vegetables stalls from local farmers and traders.


Some stands display various types of honey and honey-related products.

Beyond the river: San Michele

The rest of the market is found beyond the river. After reaching the small and picturesque Piazza Oscar Molinari, take Via Dante Alighieri.

Here you’ll find some merchants who sell household products, shoes, leather goods and clothing stands. Curtains and carpets are sold here as well.

Not far away is a traveling rotisserie, cheeses and gourmet products and the fish market van.

One can have a pleasant talk with Lucia and the girls who run it. Behind the windows you’ll see all sorts of fish products and freshly prepared food, including inviting fried dishes.

Upon request you can also place orders and pick up the fish either on-site or at other markets.


The fish stand in Via Dante Alighieri

Photo Credits: Federico Carpino, Falk Lademann

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