High Langa

The sanctuary of Madonna della Neve

in Lequio Berria

The Lequio Berria sanctuary stands on the hill leading to the Belbo valley, in a wonderful panoramic position.

It’s a very ancient place, and has long been the parish church; in the seventeenth century the then built church of san Lorenzo, in the centre of the town, became the new parish church.

This church shows some precious artistic features such as the romanic bell tower, entirely made of stone, the remainings of a fresco of the Virgin with the Child of the XV century on an apse wall, and a main altar very rich in stuccos.

The whole church is very interesting. The garden that surrounds it is one of the places not to miss for a rest, especially in the summer. It offers a beautiful view, along with the tranquillity and the shadow of the big trees.

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