High Langa

The San Rocco chapel

in Levice



Levice - Cappella di San Rocco

Levice – Cappella di San Rocco

Levice – Built on the road to the Bormida valley, on the crossroad with the one leading to Bergolo and Prunetto, this church dedicated to san Rocco was probably built in the late medieval period. No certain date is known, but the one of the building of the major altar (1632). The building has recently been restored so as to show the original stone walls. Architectonically very simple, the chapel has a single rectangular nave without decorations.

The most precious feature is the semicircular apse: its surface is entirely covered with a series of frescos, painted in the XV-XVI century, that show the Virgin and Child, saint Sebastian, san Rocco, san Giuseppe, saint Lucy. Over them a benedicting Christ.

La Madonna in trono con Bambino - Levice

La Madonna in trono con Bambino – Levice

Unfortunately not cared for for a long time, the frescos should be soon restored.

To visit the chapel it’s necessary to ask for the permission (and the keys) in the parish.

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