Vesime is a particular place, of woods and vineyards, but also of factories and craftsmen laboratories.

A town with two sides: modern one, of nouses lined along the road to Cortemilia, and an old one, a medieval one, fascinating and rich of mistery and discoveries, built around the main square.

Here are the signs of over a thoudsand years’ history, from the Roman findings to the statues, from the gothis portals to the renaissance frescos in the Battuti church, from the neogothic church to the stone houses, typical of the Langhe, that still show their original features.

But Vesime is also a country town, with many chapels spread in the country along with the memories of the recent partisan war against the Germans, when its airport was one of the most important ones in Piedmont.


It has been anciently inhabited by a Liguri Stazielli tribe and the Romans. 

When the Roman empire fell, the Vesime valley was invaded by the Barbarians and destroyed.

It was later owned by many different families (Bonifacio del Vasto, the Del Carretto, the Scarampi, the Biandrate, the Gonzaga), until in 1708 it was acquired by Amedeo II di Savoia.

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Marco Capra

— Santo Stefano Belbo —



— Castiglione Tinella —

The church of Saint Mary

Regione Zabaldano, 20, 14059 Vesime AT, Italia
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The parish church of saint Anthony the Abbot

Via del Castello, 25, 14051 Loazzolo AT, Italia
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Gorrino village

Gorrino, Pezzolo Valle Uzzone CN, Italia
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Serole: the parish church of saint Lawrence

Via Roma, 20, 14050 Serole AT, Italia
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San Giorgio Scarampi: the parish church

Via Brofferio, 18, 14059 San Giorgio Scarampi AT, Italia
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The parish church of Sant’Ilario

Chiesa di Sant'Ilario, Via Castello, Cassinasco, AT, Italia
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