Sessame is a name that reminds of number six: six were the Roman miles that separated it from Acqui, six are the rivers and streams in its territory and sixty are the miles to go to Turin.

Sessame, a strange town built on an easily-sloughing ground, with its two churches one beside the other on the main square and the many houses ruined by the sloughs, is the true hometown of Brachetto.

Brachetto is a sweet wine, and the main job of the few remeining farming families.

Vineyards cover a large part of the territory and give it its unique charm.

Near the bormida river there’s a special place, especially designed to be a home for the grey heron.

It’s a kind of birfd that had been absent for a long time from these places, and that is returning now thanks to the pollution decrease.


Sessame is a very ancient town, probably first built before the Roman era by some Liguri tribe.

It didn’t enjoy any relevant development, though, until the Middle Ages, when it was owned by many different lords and families.

Among them the Del Carretto family, the Sforza and, since the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Savoia.

Events in Sessame and around

08 Jul

Anche quest'anno vogliamo proporvi la nostra serata Una notte da Leoni! Cenare all'aperto a ritmo di musica, piccole cose per rendere bellissima una sera d'estate!

09 Jul

Rassegna cinematografica ad ingresso gratuito Cinema al Principato 2022 con un film di Daniele Gaglianone su Resistenza, amicizia e memoria

15 Jul

Serata dove verranno proposte varie coreografie e danzatori di BTT Balletto Teatro Torino

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