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A curiosity that many do not know? The sparkling wine (Spumante) was born in Italy, even more precisely in the municipality of Canelli.

And it is in this town in the heart of the “Langa Astigiana” that Pietro Bosca founded his company in 1831, destined to grow and evolve for the following two centuries.

Two centuries in which the soul of a true sparkling wine maker never subsided, but rather was passed from generation to generation (6, to be exact) allowing the family to keep the company reins until today.

A common element, in all these years, is the ability to remain faithful to the teachings of the past while keeping the doors open to innovation, leading to the birth of new, young, alternative products suitable for everyone.

A story that
begins in 1831

in Canelli

Ancient origins, imprinted in the walls of the underground cellars, which can still be visited today.

In Canelli, in the family home of all time, the underground cellars remain intact, where the adventure of Bosca and its sparkling wines began.

These are the same wonderful dungeons in which the family continued to produce sparkling wine for almost two centuries, in a completely manual and historically traditional way.

In 2014, after a long and complex process, these structures called "Underground Cathedrals" were recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Consistent with the company philosophy, which sees a continuous exchange between tradition and innovation, the Bosca family decided in 2015 to renovate these spaces with ancient origins with a permanent installation of lights and sounds, which welcome visitors in a unique and mysterious environment.

Visits & Tastings

A visit that immerses the 5 senses in an ancient and underground world, to discover Bosca sparkling wines

The Bosca visit is not a common winery tour: the route goes into the Underground Cathedrals, a historical place where the most precious of sparkling wines rests.

This ancient masterpiece of engineering and oenological architecture handed down for 6 generations is still today a place of work, where the Master Cantinieri perform gestures of perfection, accompanying the yeasts to finish the second fermentation in the bottle.

The visit begins with a walk along the aisles lasting about 40 minutes, during which the production methodology will be studied in depth according to the interest of the group.

Afterwards there will be a little tasting, which will keep you busy for another 10 minutes or so.

In case you were interested in a more in-depth guided tasting, ask for it at the time of booking!

At the end of the tour you can take a stroll in the company wine shop, where those who want can buy the wines produced and some small souvenirs.


max people

Visit Duration

40 min



Tasting Price

Starting at 20€

the wines

Evolution and tradition, the two different souls of Bosca products

The dualism between past and future is evident in the selection of the winery’s products, which is not afraid to propose new types of sparkling wine to the market, but at the same time preserves the old “recipes”.

Evolution, experimentation, play

These products are the fruits of the study and development of the world of sparkling wine, the latest generation of Bosca.

This includes Toselli, the Halal-certified alcohol-free bubble, but also Verdi and Sparkletini, sparkling wines made from wine and cereals, in a variety of captivating scents and colors.

Tradition, a bond to be safeguarded

At the same time there are products that represent the historicity of the company and bring us back to the origins, with elegant and timeless bubbles.

The spearhead is certainly the “Grandfather’s Reserve“, the classic method in a workmanlike manner on the mold of the original.

The production is completed by traditional wines and vermouths, in white and red versions.


This is the word they use to define themselves, to tell the soul of Bosca. Sparkling, effervescent, with a festive and convivial spirit: "Bubbles transform every occasion into a celebration. And our aim is to transform everything we touch into a celebration."

Prices & Services

Visit one of the oldest realities in the world of Italian sparkling wines

Useful information

  • Visit duration: 40 min
  • Tasting time: 10 min
  • Price: 20,00 € per person, including tasting. Free for minors, Canelli residents, schools.
  • Temperature in the cellar: around 15 ° C during all seasons.

Additional info

Reservations required, with free cancellation up to 24 hours before.

Along the way in the basement there are about 40 steps and for now there is no lift.


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Via Giovanni Battista Giuliani, 23, Canelli, AT, Italia
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The church of Saint Mary

Regione Zabaldano, 20, 14059 Vesime AT, Italia
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The parish church of saint George

Via XX Settembre, 12, 14058 Sessame AT, Italia
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The Tuesday market in Canelli

Piazza Carlo Gancia, Canelli, AT, Italia
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The castle of Costigliole d'Asti

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 12, 14055 Costigliole d'Asti AT, Italia
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