Loazzolo, an isolated village built on the hills, was called Lupatiolum (place of the wolves) by inhabitants of the near valley, who broke the slopes up to model the sole with stone platforms.

This place, though, hides the most precious treasure of Langhe, an amber-coloured nectar, which contains every flower, herb and smelling of this hill.

They call it Loazzolo wine, to emphasize the relationship of this village with people and the most famous Italian raisin wine.

This is a small centre, with old characters, narrow alleys surrounded by stone walls, the Ranaboldo house, where they organize cultural displays and art exhibitions, the moscato wide vines, from the most fine part of which they produce the precious raisin wine.


Loazzolo has been owned by Aleramo – the legendary founder of the march including the most of southern Piedmont -, who gave it as inheritance to one of his sons.

Then it became a property of Bonifacio del Vasto, then to the Del Carretto family, and later to Guglielmo di Busca.

In 1703 Loazzolo became a part of the Savoia reign, and was given the status of marquisate.

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Events in Loazzolo and around

  • 13 Jul

    Una giornata per scoprire il territorio in un percorso di degustazione, coinvolgendo tutti i sensi

  • 17 Jul

    Riapre la stagione teatrale estiva della città con appuntamenti imperdibili: spettacolo di danza di apertura rassegna

  • 20 Jul

    An experience that engages all the senses: blindfolds on let the nose identify a wide range of aromas

  • 24 Jul

    In occasione dei festeggiamenti della Fiera arriva sul palco Irene Grandi per presentare il suo nuovo progetto

Eat & Sleep in Loazzolo and around

The parish church of saint Anthony the Abbot

Via del Castello, 25, 14051 Loazzolo AT, Italia
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The castle of Costigliole d'Asti

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 12, 14055 Costigliole d'Asti AT, Italia
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Partisan Airport Museum Excelsior

Comune di Vesime, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Vesime, AT, Italia
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The Tuesday market in Canelli

Piazza Carlo Gancia, Canelli, AT, Italia
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The castle of Cisterna d'Asti

Piazza Maggiore Hope, 1, 14010 Cisterna D'asti, AT, Italia
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