Asti Langa

Biking between Langa astigiana and Val Bormida #2 Roccaverano-Mombaldone

in Mombaldone

This path has a length of about 22 km and does not present particular difficulties, although the climbs and descents alternate between a minimum of 250 meters and a maximum of 800 meters over sea level.

As for the typical products, the whole territory and in particular Roccaverano are famous for the cheeses, among all the Robiola Dop.

Departure from Roccaverano

Roccaverano - panorama

Roccaverano – panorama

The road starts from the square of Roccaverano, where there is the splendid Bramante Church of SS. Maria Annunziata, built at the beginning of the 16th century. Opposite we find the castle of the Marquis of Carretto, with its tower that dominates the square and the town. All the historical center is worth a visit, for the glimpses of medieval history that it can offer.

Leaving the town we take the Sp24 towards Mombaldone, and after about 1km we arrive at the village of San Giovanni, with the church of the same name, which houses one of the most important cycles of late Gothic frescoes in the whole Asti area.

When you reach the junction for Denice, turning left you can reach the Vengore tower, which offers a wonderful 360 degree landscape on the Ligurian Apennines, the Bormida valley of Spigno and the Mombaldone ravines.

Arrival at Mombaldone

We follow the provincial 24 always downhill, and in about 6 km we arrive in the center of Mombaldone, one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy“: the title is mainly due to its medieval old town, with its streets, stone houses and numerous portals with heraldic coats of arms.

Leaving the village we keep the Sp24, until we rejoin the Sp 125. Here the road begins to rise again and after about 5 km you reach the village of Piantivello, typical example of Langhe village. The provincial road, still climbing, then leads us to the hamlet of Garbaioli, where the former parish church of San Marziano and the oratory of Disciplinati of seventeenth-century origin host the summer activities of the diocese.

Return to Roccaverano

We continue to climb along the Sp 125 up to cross the Sp 124. The road offers a beautiful landscape along the ridge of the hill, and in less than 3 km takes us back to Roccaverano.

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