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Distillerie Berta, nestled in the green countryside of Casalotto di Mombaruzzo, was founded in 1947 in Nizza Monferrato by Paolo Berta. The current location was established in 2002.

The property is in the hands of the Berta family, now in its third generation, consisting of Annacarla and Simonetta, Enrico and Giulia.

The company, with its dedication to excellence, adopts a meticulous, artisanal distillation process. This method employs a steam still, a traditional tool in the world of distillation that allows the finer aromas and delicate essences to be precisely extracted from the grape marc.

In recognition of this commitment to the art of distillation, Riserva del Fondatore Paolo Berta was celebrated as Italy’s best grappa of 2023 by the prestigious Bibenda guide.

A story that
begins in 1947

in Mombaruzzo

Not only grappas but also two relais, a gourmet restaurant, a spa and a confectionery company are the ecosystem of Berta, a family that while holding firm to its values has been able to innovate in over 75 years of history

Distillerie Berta is a family that has been handing down its values for three generations with the desire to tell the story of the Monferrato area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, through its products of excellence.

The Berta family's success has its origins in 1947, when Paolo Berta established Distillerie Berta, the first label to have experimented with and aged grappa in wooden barrels.

Today, more than 30 different qualities of grappa and 7 types of liqueurs are produced and exported all over the world.

Distillerie Berta is entrepreneurial spirit as well as team spirit; in fact, in recent years it has been able to expand its business by successfully entering the world of hospitality to give its guests a unique experience.

The culture of hospitality and love for one's land have given rise to the relais Villa Castelletto, the charming mansion Villa Prato, the renovation of the Castle of Monteu Roero, the recent restoration of the Castelletto dell'Annunziata, the Borgo Roccanivo, the newly acquired Convent of S.Giovanni and a pastry shop that produces the typical amaretto of Mombaruzzo.

Added to this is the commitment in the social field, with the SoloPerGian Foundation, which carries out projects dedicated to young people and the unemployed, with proceeds from the sale of a special grappa, and the reforestation project launched in May 2020, with the planting of 2,900 trees in eight countries.

Over time, the Berta family has expanded the acreage of the property by acquiring larger and larger portions of the land surrounding the distillery's headquarters, eventually reaching an extension of 8 hectares of land that the family wanted to transform into a nature park in honor of the deep bond that has bound them to this place for generations.

Nestled among the soft hills of Piedmont's Monferrato region, in the easternmost part of the province of Asti, the distillery now proves to be an exceptional travel destination dedicated not only to connoisseurs of fine Italian grappa but also to those who wish to indulge in pleasant days of relaxation in a fascinating natural setting.

A place where the interaction between man, the land and its products has generated a long tradition that makes this Piedmontese reality a true excellence in the art of distillation and hospitality.

Distillerie Berta has 40 employees, most of them under 40. Representing the importance of the younger generation are Annacarla and Giulia Berta, daughters of Gianfranco and Simonetta, respectively, and Chicco, who are in charge of administration, marketing and communications.

In 2022, the company had a turnover of more than 14 million euros and produced more than 500,000 bottles, exporting 50 percent of them to 75 countries. The target foreign markets are mainly Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Canada. A steady trend of development has positively marked the company's activities year after year.

Visits & Tastings

Berta's world of wineries, stills and customization

Berta’s traditional tour offers a one-hour journey (completely free of charge) that includes a visit to the still museum, a tour through the four aging cellars, and discovering the secrets of distillation.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to taste three spirits or liqueurs, paired with delicious macaroons.


In BertaLAB, the visitor becomes the protagonist and has the opportunity to choose a bottle from the Primaneve line and customize its label with the materials provided.

In addition, before moving on to the fancier activity, it is possible to visit the winery and taste the various products.

A unique experience that combines creativity with the flavor of grappa.


max 20 people

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Tasting Price

Free Tasting

Prices & Services

Unique experience at BertaLab: create and taste your own grappa

Berta traditional tour & tasting

  • Visit to the still museum and aging cellars
  • Tasting three spirits or liqueurs, accompanied by a delicious macaroon
  • Route through the various stages of distillation, starting from the pomace and arriving at the finished grappa, through aging

Duration 60 minutes. Free tasting.


The Berta Lab is a space where you are the protagonist.

  • Choose your favorite bottle from the Primaneve line
  • Customize the label by selecting the material that will be provided to you
  • Route through the various stages of distillation, starting from the pomace and arriving at the finished grappa, through aging
  • Tasting of 3 grappas or liqueurs
  • Creation of one's own personalized grappa bottle.

Price: 35.00 € per person.


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