Montaldo Roero

The town’s symbol is the strong medieval tower, a rest of the ancient castle, a sign of the power of th eRoero family in the fourteenth century.

Not far from the parish church of the Santissima Annunziata, the romanic apse of san Giovanni was once the church of the Battuti Neri, while interesting is the church of san Rocco in the omonimous village, rebuilt in the present shape at the end of the seventeenth century.

The vineyards around the town are farmed near the chestnut woods on the road to Monteu.


The Church of Asti owned it since 1153. The cylindrical tower was built by the “de Montaldo” family, who owned the town as a feud until the end of the XIII century. The Roero family acquired it in 1367, and left it later to other families, like the Isnardi, the Mulasso and the Fissore.

Events in Montaldo Roero and around

  • 01 Apr

    L'usanza quaresimale per dare il benvenuto alla primavera

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