The tampe of Ceresole d'Alba

in Ceresole d’Alba

Ceresole d’Alba – Once, when drinkable water wasn’t available in the stables, people used to dig big tanks in the ground, where rain was gathered and later used to water the animals. The little, private ones were called “tampe”, while the big, common ones were known as “laiass”.

Each spring the farmers used to buy alevins and throw them in their own tanks. Then, the first Sunday of September, everyone became a fisher. The village feast had a fixed menu: fried tench.

There are many theories on why the trenches here are so beautiful and good: some say it’s because of the clayey ground that’s to be found here, some talk of a kind of osmosis between the aminals drinking the water where the trenches were growing and the growth of the fishes.

Big White Bench

Via Cuneo, 1, 12040 Vezza d'Alba CN, Italia
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MuBATT Museum of the Battle

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, II, 2, 12040 Ceresole Alba CN
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The parish church of San Giovanni Battista

Via Evaldo Cassinelli, 1 12050 Castagnito
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The Cisterna d’Asti Castle

Cisterna D'asti, AT, Italia
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The church of san Servasio

Castellinaldo d'Alba, CN, Italia
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