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Strolling along in the town of Canale, the capital of Roero, one can’t help but notice its fascinating castle, located right in the centre of the town and surrounded by a splendid park.

It is precisely in this location that the Malabaila winery historically ran its business, founded by the ancient family of the same name towards the end of the 1300s. The Malabaila, who became owners of the castle over the years, making it their noble residence, were one of the first families in the area to believe in the potential of wine.

Here began the long history of the winery, whose wines also arrived on the tables of the Princes of Piedmont, as evidenced by the nine letters found in the family’s archives.

As of 2004, the production, due to space and working comfort, was entirely moved to the Pradevaglio winery, a historic rural building located in the centre of the 22 hectares of vineyards.

This gave the winery the opportunity to reinvent itself as an extremely sustainable reality, both from the point of view of architecture and consumption and with respect to work in the vineyard.

A story that
begins in 1362

in Canale

An ancient family of bankers and traders moved to the Roero hills, where they bought the castle of Canale and began producing wine.

It can be said, in short, that the Malabaila di Canale agricultural farm is one of the oldest in Piedmont.

The origin of their wine production is in fact traced back to the second half of the fourteenth century, precisely to the year 1362, during which the Malabaila bought the first "land suitable for becoming a vineyard".

The family, an ancient family of bankers and traders, moved just a century earlier from Asti to Canale and in 1512 took possession of the castle in the centre of the town, enlarging it and turning it into a noble residence.

Over the years, this structure also became the headquarters of the operational winery: it is here that the wine is made and the barrels are left to rest.

In 2004 it was decided to move all the production to the new Pradvaj winery (Piedmontese term which means tool), a completely renovated ancient residence, located right in the centre of the owned vineyards.

Today, the owners of the company are Lucrezia Carrega Malabaila, a direct descendant of the family, and Alfredo Falletti, the company’s historic winemaker.

The Wines

The wines produced by the Malabaila company aim to be the full expression of the territory.

This is why only native grape varieties from single vineyards are used.

To date, the company operates with state-of-the-art machinery and low environmental impact techniques, while investing, in particular, in the health of the area’s biodiversity and the preservation of the area’s typical crops, including forests.

The “Soil and Health” certification awarded by the Bioservice body guarantees the company’s commitment to a careful and respectful production of Roero, a territory to which the family has been linked to for numerous centuries and recognizes its uniqueness.

The terroir, rich in minerals and white sands, allows to produce interesting wines with complex notes, which each of the 16 labels produced preserve the aromatic typicality of the vine variety.

Produced Wines

Arneis non filtrato “Ombra”
Langhe Favorita DOC
Roero Arneis “Le Tre” DOCG
Roero Arneis “Pradvaj” DOCG
Langhe Rosato DOC
Metodo Classico VSQ
Nebbiolo d’Alba spumante rosè
Langhe Nebbiolo “Aja” DOC
Barbera d’Alba “Giardino” DOC
Barbera d’Alba Superiore “Mezzavilla” DOC
Nebbiolo d’Alba “Bric Merli” DOC
Roero “Bric Volta” DOCG
Roero Riserva “Castelletto” DOCG
Mosto d’uva parzialmente fermentato Birbèt
Brachetto secco “Cardunaj”
Passito “Baldracco”

Vineyards Extension

22 Ha

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Visits & Tastings

Depending upon requests, the visit can be carried out in various ways.

Those who love walking can request, when booking, a 40-minute route that aims to show the Roero, which includes truffle woods, centuries-old oaks, peach trees, hazelnut groves and historic vineyards, in all its richness.

The visit begins in the most modern area of the cellar; a space dug into the hill and entirely camouflaged in the context, both to alter the location’s appearance to a minimum and to create an environment suitable for aging wines.

Here, the company’s various winemaking techniques are explained; the visit continues in the historic tuff cave, dug by hand in 1700, where the bottles of the Roero Riserva Castelletto rest.

The experience ends with a tasting of 3 wines of one’s choice, and starts at a cost of € 18 per person, varying according to the wines chosen.


max 20 people

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1 h



Tasting Price

Starting at 18€

Prices & Services

Visit the Malabaila winery to dive into the ancient history of Roero enology

Discovering biodiversity

The visit includes: a walk through the various habitats of the Roero (on request), the tour of the cellar and the tuff cave, the tasting of 3 wines.

The cost per person starts from € 10, and varies according to the wines chosen.


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