The Church of Saint Ponzio

in Monticello d’Alba

In the cemetery of Villa village the ancient church of saint Lawrence is surely worth seeing. It was built in the Middle Age.

In 1401 the emperor Henry I wrote a letter to the bishop of Asti concerning the definition of land possession by the church of Asti in the Monticello area, and wrote: “Church of san Ponzio di Monacello with the garden, the castle, chapels and woods, with the land of Casale and the tower of Anforiano”.

The church he wrote about was the original building of this one, of which now only the apse stands in the older cemetery, at present the most ancient one of the whole of Roero.


The Church of Saint Ponzio

SP241, 9, 12066 Monticello d'Alba CN, Italia
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