By bicycle from Monticello to Bra

in Monticello d’Alba

Starting from Monticello Borgo ride alongside the cemetery and then take the turning to the left for Macellai.

After passing under the railway, follow the road for Macellai, going straight on until you come to the Orti road, where the itinerary follows the Bra farmcycle path.

When you come to the fork in the road (there is a little bridge), take the turning on the left for Pollenzo (an ancient Roman settlement) along the Franca road. After crossing the highway, continue along via Amedeo. After visiting Pollenzo, go back along the same road to the fork in the road (the little bridge) and go straight on along the old Alba road.

Turn right and then immediately to the left along the Banchetta road, which becomes Orti road and then Gerbido road, riding back up the hill until you come to the town of Bra.

San Vittore’s Church

Str. S. Vittore, 28, 12040 Priocca, CN, Italia
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The parish church of San Giovanni Battista

Via Evaldo Cassinelli, 1 12050 Castagnito
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The church of san Servasio

Castellinaldo d'Alba, CN, Italia
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The Magliano Alfieri Castle and Museums

Castello di Magliano Alfieri, Via Alfieri, Magliano Alfieri, CN, Italia
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The church of San Bernardino in Canale

Via Roma, 20, 12043 Canale CN, Italia
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The sanctuary of the Piloni

Unnamed Road, 12046 Montà CN, Italia
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