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The history of the Azienda Agricola Cournaja develops over five generations.

In 1918 Clemente Cornaglia bought a farm and some vineyards in the municipality of Santa Vittoria d’Alba and passed on to his family the passion for the vineyard.

The first who was able to make a real job out of it is his nephew Alfonso, current direct memory of the company’s historical roots.

For over 20 years Mariano Cornaglia and his wife Daniela have dedicated themselves to this small company, trying to enhance its history, humanity and the memory of daily sacrifices.

Their intent is to obtain an excellent product while firmly believing in respect for nature: with this aim they tend to innovation and new technologies in order to constantly improve, without ever forgetting their origins.

The strong passion for the vineyard was also transmitted to their three children Giulia, Samuele and Giacomo, who bring a fresh breath of enthusiasm to the company.

The Wines

Currently the winery has about 4 hectares of property destined for the production of 9 different wines, strictly made from their own grapes.

The vineyards are located in the municipality of Santa Vittoria d’Alba, for the most part in the Cru Coste Anforiano, on steep slopes, called Sorì, where mechanization is difficult and many of the processes are done by hand in respect and in protection of the territory.

The non-invasive cultivation methods, which have always characterized the work of Cournaja, have allowed it to approach the principles of symbiotic agriculture.

Produced Wines

Langhe Favorita DOC, Roero Arneis DOCG, Langhe Dolcetto DOC, Vino Rosato, Barbera d’Alba DOC, Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC, Langhe Rosso DOC, Mosto d’uva parzialmente fermentato e Vino ottenuto da uve stramature

Vineyards Extension

4 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

Santa Vittoria d’Alba, Cru Coste Anforiano

Agricultural Method


Visits & Tastings

Once you've arrived in the inner courtyard of the cellar you'll be welcomed and guided by one or more members of the Cornaglia family: the visit of the vineyard begins.

While climbing the hill you’ll understand the steep slope of the vineyards called Sorì.

It is during this walk that the company philosophy, the method of growing vines, the particular composition of the soil and the particularities of the various vintages are described.

The rare vines present in the vineyard will also be shown.

The walk will culminate on the top of the hill, where the votive pillar stands in honor of Mary Help of Christians, built by Cornaglia Clemente in 1920.

The view from this vantage point is something unmissable!

It shows a wonderful view of the Tanaro valley, the city of Alba, the Langhe and the Roero, UNESCO heritage sites, at the ends of which stand the two medieval castles of Monticello and Santa Vittoria d’Alba; all of this crowned by the Alps.

After the vineyard you’ll be entering in the cellar, where the process of winemaking will be described, from pressing, to fermentation and aging.

The visit ends with the most awaited experience, the one that will involve all the senses: the tasting of a minimum of 4 wines, paired with appetizers.

The family will present the wines by telling you the unique anecdotes that gave life to the individual labels, numbered and hand-drawn by Cornaglia Alfonso and his son Gianni, the family artists.


max 40 people

Visit Duration

2 h



Tasting Price

Starting at 30€

Curious fact

The discovery of ancient native vines

Thanks to the will of Alfonso Cornaglia, some rare and typical vines of the hills of this area have been preserved, already present in the vineyards owned by the company.

Dr. Anna Schneider, of the Cnr (Institute of Virology of the University of Turin) and scientific manager of the experimental vineyard of Grinzane Cavour, visiting the winery’s vineyards has made it possible to officially identify these vines, which over time had assumed nicknames related to their characteristics.

Her detailed research and analysis of the DNA of the vines has found the presence of rare Piedmontese vines such as Balau, Ignea and Pizzutello Bianco.

The Green Experience

Joining the "The Green Experience" project in 2016 is a confirmation of the commitment that the Cornaglia family has always taken towards an eco-compatible and eco-sustainable viticulture and production in favor of biodiversity.

Prices & Services

Types of tour

Classic tour

It includes a walk in the vineyard, where the company philosophy on viticulture will be explained and where you will enjoy the magnificent view of the Langhe and Roero from the top of the hill.

The guided tour of the winery will follow, where you can learn and better understand the winemaking and aging process of the product.

At the end of the tour you will continue with a tasting of 5 wines, during which you will be told the story behind each of the labels and the wines they produce.

In combination with the wine you will find cheese and cold cuts, plus the products of their business.

It'll be an actual meal, a light lunch or how we say it here "merenda sinoira".

The cost of experience is 25.00 euros per person, the duration is about 2 hours.


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Azienda Agricola Cournaja, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, CN, Italia
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