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Originally placed on the Bricco del Torion in the hamlet of Borbore di Vezza d’Alba, today the giant white bench is located in Villa, in the upper part of the village.

It can be reached by car by parking in St. Bernard Square and walking across Via Cuneo. As soon as you finish the built-up area, just follow the signs and take a short but scenic path that leads directly to the top of the hill.

For those who enjoy walking or biking, the route we recommend is to start from Piazza San Pancrazio in Borbore and ride along via Piave. At the top of the road, on the left you will find indicated the path leading to the bench. You can’t miss it! This is an easy uphill walk, which is done in about 20 minutes at a slow pace.

A natural picture

Sitting on the bench, legs dangling, you can admire a beautiful landscape: straight ahead the unmistakable Guarene Castle, on the left the Torion and the church of San Gervasio in Castellinaldo.

The view is spectacular: a natural picture where the eye sweeps over a landscape rich in vineyards that blend harmoniously with the surrounding forests.

The project

The magical world of the Langhe's giant benches.

The giant benches project, known as the “Big Bench Community Project”, was initiated by an American designer, Chris Bangle, who is in love and passionate about the area.

The benches have been installed in various scenic locations in the region, and are constructed in such a way that those who sit on them feel like children, restoring a sense of wonder and discovery of the world around them.

Each bench is unique, brightly colored, and positioned to offer spectacular views of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato landscape.

A creative stunt to draw attention to the natural beauty of these wonderful lands and promote sustainable and conscious tourism.

The Giant Benches Passport

Where can it be found? The official website of the Big Bench Community Project is the most reliable resource, offering a list of all participating businesses.

At these establishments, in addition to purchasing your passport, you can also receive the stamp corresponding to the bench you visited.

Prices & Services

Traveling among the giant benches: travel documents

Where to stamp your passport

The bench is accessible and open to all.

After visiting, it is possible to get a stamp or purchase a passport of the Giant Benches at "Bar Sorriso" in the hamlet of Borgonuovo, in the lower part of the village.

The price of the passport is 10,00 €.


Accepted Payments

ATM / Bancomat Cash

Big White Bench

Via Cuneo, 1, 12040 Vezza d'Alba CN, Italia
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The church of san Servasio

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