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Trattoria Belvedere Roero is located in the hamlet of San Grato, on the highest hill of the municipality of Monteu Roero, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the vineyards, hazel groves and woods of the area, completed on the clearest days by the Alps.

It is a restaurant with a centuries-old history, which for almost 25 years has been managed by the Sperone family: today the owner is Andrea, who with the help of his grandfather and of his mother Caterina’s managerial work creates an authentic Piedmontese food and wine environment every day.

The restaurant is located in a vast area surrounded by green, and consists of two rooms: the main one, with 50 seats, is furnished in a Piedmontese home style and is heated and made even more welcoming by a large fireplace; the second room is a summer terrace with 35 seats, which during the winter is closed by glass windows and heated with a wood stove.

Pride of Belvedere Roero is also the cellar, with a wide range of local wines selected by the sommelier.

The Restaurant

The peculiarity of the restaurant is the use of homemade ingredients, which ensures to the customer a genuine and fresh cuisine.

The cuisine is typical Piedmontese: you start from the appetizers, prepared and served as per tradition, with the inevitable veal with tuna sauce and raw meat.

The pasta, rigorously fresh and handmade, usually varies from tajarin to plin agnolotti stuffed with roast, with ragù or butter and sage.

The main courses offered by the restaurant are also based on the traditional recipes of the area, in particular the gray Carmagnola rabbit with Arneis: the latter is bred following a strict production discipline, established by the consortium of Piedmontese avicunicole, and is a “Slow food” presidium since 2008.

As far as desserts are concerned, hazelnut cakes with zabaione and Bonet stand out, prepared according to the family recipe.

A must from the menu, without which one cannot say to have lived the complete experience, is certainly the delicate dish of fried mushrooms, picked and processed from June to October: everyone in the area knows about it, so it is advisable to call and book a portion ahead!


Fried mushrooms

Tasting Menu

Starting at 30€

Wine by the Glass

Starting at 2.5€

Special Menu

  • Vegetarian: Upon Request
  • Vegan: No
  • Celiac: No

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Monteu's mushrooms

Monteu Roero is home to many species of mushrooms and boasts a historic gastronomic tradition related to this particular product.

The peculiar abundance of beech and chestnut groves and the abundance of water make the Piedmont area a particularly generous geographical area as far as the proliferation of this product is concerned.

Among the mushrooms in Monteu Roero we point out:

  • Reale, highly sought after for its edibility
  • Light Porcino
  • Red Porcino, recognizable for its singular red pigmentation
  • Summer porcino
  • Black Porcino, widespread especially at low altitudes
  • Chiodino, which grows from late autumn until winter

The Belvedere Roero trattoria seasonally uses all types of mushrooms offered by the nature of this land as the basis of its dishes.

It begins in June with the collection of Gallinacci mushrooms, the main features of which are the jagged edge of the cap, the yellowish color and the rather crunchy consistency.

This mushroom, which can be found in chestnut woods and coppice, often becomes the protagonist of pasta such as the famous tagliatelle.

From July to August it’s Porcini time!

The main characteristics of this species are the valuable organoleptic characteristics: these are usually used in the fried dish.

The truffle

Among the Piedmontese truffles, in addition to the famous white truffle of Alba, there are other highly valuable varieties: the black truffle, the scorzone, the uncinato, the moscato and the brumale. They are very tasty tubers which, in order to develop, need soils with particular characteristics, present in many areas of Piedmont. For this reason, the restaurant is able to offer the customer the best of mycological quality.

Trattoria Belvedere Roero

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