The little town has a tall bell tower; on its top there’s a bronze statue of the Holy Heart.

On the main road there’s the church of san Bernardino.

From the town hall square, after the church of saint John, a steep road will take you to the Monastery, where a beautiful wooden altar, in Louis XIV style, is preserved.

Canale is famous for its peaches and wines, and in the center of the town there’s the Roero Regional Wine Cellar.


The basin where today the town of Canale stands was already inhabited in the Roman era.

In the XII century the territory was owned by the counts of Biandrate and the lords of Anterisio and Loreto.

When the town of Asti in the thirteenth century conquered this feud, the hostility with the Biandrates became an open war: Anterisio was totally destroyed and the local population obliged to move to an easier place: they chose the basin of Canale.

After many other owners, the town was of the Roero family, who had the castle built.

The building is now property of the counts Malabaila, whose power in this area started in the XVI century.

Events in Canale and around

  • 28 May 29 Aug

    Il Gruppo Fotografico Albese propone questa mostra fotografica di grande valore documentale e culturale dedicato alla Langa di Fenoglio

  • 11 Aug

    Nuovo appuntamento con il Cinema all’aperto e visita gratuita alle collezioni del Museo

  • 11 Aug

    Due anziani coniugi da sempre impegnati a lamentarsi e nel frattempo a cercare un lavoro, ricattano il governo quando il figlio ruba alla National Gallery il ritratto del Duca di Wellington

  • 12 Aug 15 Aug

    L'azienda Francesco Rosso nasce con la connotazione attuale nel 2001, ma alle sue spalle ha una storia di persone strettamente legate a questo territorio ed alla viticoltura

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