Cantina Giacomo Vico

Wine Producer in Canale

Today, as it was at the very beginning, the search for quality characterizes the wines from the Cantina Giacomo Vico in Canale, a prominent figure from the Roero wine-making area.

You’ll find details in the company that may appear not to belong to the wine industry, yet they can tell us some of the family’s past.

The Eagle, a historical aviation symbol that has become the Winery’s logo and classic Italian cars of the early 20th century are rarely to be seen in a Winery like this.

Nothing you see in the company is there by chance. It will be the owner Corrado Vico, who will to tell you its story.

Visit to the winery

Upon passing the gate, guests reach the inner courtyard enclosed by the private living quarters, Cellar and offices.

The history, the territory and the working phases are introduced in the 19th century Cellars .

It is here, under the care of enologist Gianfranco Cordero, that all the company wines evolve, including ArneisFavorita and Birbét.

In the aging room, the grand red wines rest in casks and oak barrels: RoeroBarbera and Nebbiolo.

The tasting room, elegant and with attention to details and furnishings, can accommodate up to 25 people.

Among the wines that are worth the trip: Roero DOCG Riserva “Giacomo”, the most personal interpretation of a vine and its territory and Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Valmaggiore, slightly spiced with hints of licorice and chocolate.

From its origins to today

The Winery’s origins date back to 1850.

Labels and archive documents testify its commercial affirmation, as early as the beginning of the twentieth century, in France and Argentina.

The awards received are worldwide: including the Gold Medal at the 1909 Paris Food Exhibition.

Dario Vico, Giacomo’s son, had a passion for cars and this led to a setback in the company’s wine production. In 1952 the winery closed and Dario dedicated himself exclusively to the automotive world.

Since 1990, after renovation of the historic premises and the modernization of the equipment, the Winery repossesses its past by the will of Anita Fergola and her three children.

Business Hours

9:00 → 13:00
14:00 → 18:00

Closing Day


Spoken Languages

English, Italiano, Français

Events at Cantina Giacomo Vico

01 Jun 31 Aug

I Trifulau dell’Associazione Trifulau Colline di Langa offrono la possibilità di partecipare alla ricerca simulata dal tartufo

06 Jul 13 Sep

L’arte di Unia indaga la figura umana, soprattutto il mondo femminile: attenzione ai dettagli e una grande carica espressiva sono le caratteristiche che rendono uniche le sue statue

Produced Wines

Roero Riserva "Giacomo" DOCG, Roero "Bricco Patarrone" DOCG, Nebbiolo d'Alba "Valmaggiore" DOC, Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC, Barolo DOCG, Langhe Rosso "Pali Vecchi" DOC, Barbera d'Alba DOC, Barbera d'Alba Superiore DOC, Vino Rosso "Mac Bun", Roero Arneis DOCG, Langhe Favorita DOC, Langhe Rosato DOC, Langhe Chardonnay DOC, Birbert MPF, Grappa di Brachetto

Vineyards Area


Bottles N°




Vineyards Location

Castellinaldo, Vezza d'Alba, Canale


Parking Lot Garden

Accepted Payments

Visa / Cartasi American Express Cash


Booking, by filling in the form, is welcome and improves guest reception.

Small groups up to a maximum of 25 people are preferred.

For visits and wine tastings during the weekend, telephone reservations are required at: +393357732627

Length of visit: 1h 30 minutes. Spoken languages: English and French.

We recommend wearing a pair of shoes that are suitable for a walk in the vineyard.


  • The Classics – € 4,00 / glass
    Langhe Favorita – Roero Arneis – Barbera d’Alba – Langhe Nebbiolo – Vino Rosso “Mac Bun”
  • The Selections – € 5,50 / glass
    Roero Arneis “Bricco al Pascolo” – Langhe Rosato “Rosero” – Langhe Rosso “Pali Vecchi” – Nebbiolo d’Alba – Roero “Bricco Patarrone” – Birbet
  • Our Cru – € 7,00 / glass
    Langhe Chardonnay – Barbera d’Alba Superiore – Nebbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore – Barolo – Roero Riserva “Giacomo”

Other types of tastings are available upon request.

The tastings include: a visit to the Winery’s most representative rooms: wine making room, barrels room, aging cellar, vineyards (during the warm seasons).

To accompany the tastings: bread, bread-sticks, Piedmont cheeses and salamis, or you can choose from seasonal fruit, sweets and dried pasta.

Lunch in the winery

Via booking, you can ask to have lunch in the winery, for a minimum of 5 people, with a seasonal menu and costs to be agreed upon.

The wines can be purchased at the Winery and can be shipped directly to your chosen destination.

Cantina Giacomo Vico

Via Torino, 80, 12043 Canale, CN, Italia
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