Osteria dei Babi

Restaurant in Canale

Business Hours

Thursday through Sunday: Lunch and dinner

Closing Day

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


In the historic center of Canale, under the characteristic porticoes that stretch the length of Via Roma, Osteria dei Babi brings an air of novelty to the Roero’s gastronomic scene.

Opening it is Paola, who with the support and collaboration of the whole family transfers her long experience as a home cook to the new osteria.

Everything – from the décor to the design, from the wine list to the dishes on offer – communicates a strong bond with tradition, which is, however, reinterpreted in a new key with creativity and without fear of surprising.

The ambiance is warm, welcoming and designed with an old-fashioned good taste. Vintage details are highlighted by the beautiful wallpaper, and the many colors in the room enliven the spaces without weighing them down.

Contemporary and Family Cuisine.

The menu, designed with local and seasonal ingredients, offers some great classics such as rosé veal tonnato or a delicate Fassona crudo, but is complemented by unexpected proposals and interesting pairings.

Complementing the offerings are a comprehensive wine list, with a careful selection of local producers, and a Vermouth menu – honoring the Turin tradition.

The Restaurant

Contemporary and Family Cuisine: seasonal menu features traditional classics with a modern twist

There are dishes that cannot be missing from the menu of a Piedmontese osteria, but the tradition is richer and more complex: Paola reintroduces flavors of the past, such as fried frogs and rabbit with peppers and olives, while incorporating contemporary elements such as stuffed zucchini flower or glazed ribs.

The raw materials are carefully chosen, as much as possible from km0 farms, with a focus on seasonality and care for an interesting vegetarian proposal.

You can choose from a tasting menu, which takes you on a real journey of flavors to discover Roero gastronomy, or à la carte. Read the full menu in the Prices and Services section!

The wine list

The choice of labels is reasoned, and includes mainly Roerine realities, a selection from the Langhe and a few out-of-town wines, but always in line with the principles of the wine list: small or medium-sized wineries that care about biodiversity and respect for the earth.


Tasting Menu

Starting at 35€

Wine by the Glass

Not available

Special Menu

  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Vegan: No
  • Celiac: Upon Request

N° of Seats



From the Turin tradition, a selection of Vermouths, to be enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with desserts

This fortified wine, made by mixing a wine (usually Moscato) with sugar and herbs, plays an important role in the history of Piedmont, especially Turin, where it was apparently invented in the late 1700s.

Paola, a Vermouth enthusiast, decided to carve out a space in her osteria to give this local product new fame, allow customers to approach it and play with flavors and pairings.

Today the list has more than 10, all of Piedmontese origin, different in recipe (the choice of aromatic plants used varies from company to company) and aging.

“Pure” or in aperitif version

Vermouth was born as an aperitif. This is why in taverns it can be consumed “on the rocks,” that is, neat with ice, or in the characteristic Vermouth tonic, mixed with tonic water.

Given its sugary taste, it is also suitable for pairing with desserts: try the “professor’s Vermouth cut,” served with ice cream.

The origins of Vermouth

There are several theories about the invention of Vermouth: although it is considered to be a Piedmontese product, born in Turin in 1786 by the herbalist Antonio Benedetto Carpano, it seems that he drew on a very ancient tradition. In fact, it is said that as early as Hippocrates liked to drink wine flavored with herbs, spices and honey, and that similar wine was widespread in Greece and ancient Rome.

Prices & Services

Reserve a table and discover the ancient flavors of the Roero

A la carte menu


  • Vitello tonnato rosé → € 10.00
  • Fassona raw beef "my way" → € 12,00
  • Zucchini flower with ricotta cheese and lemon on saffron cream of Roero → € 10,00
  • Warm cuttlefish salad → € 12.00

First courses

  • Tajarin with sausage ragu or alpine butter → € 12,00
  • Traditional plin with roast sauce → € 12.00
  • Spaghettone di Gragnano eggplant and burrata pasta with anchovy bread → € 12.00
  • Beet ravioli seiras potatoes and mint → € 12.00

Second courses

  • Slow-cooked veal cheek → € 15.00
  • Rabbit with peppers and olives → € 13.00
  • Baked lacquered pork ribs → € 13.00
  • Fried frogs → € 13.00
  • Cheese board → € 10.00


  • Panna cotta cotta → € 5.00
  • Peach tarte tatin → € 5.00
  • Dark chocolate and raspberry mousse → € 5.00
  • Vermouth cut " del professore" → € 5.00

Vermouth List

  • Red Vermouth "Del Mago" → € 4 per glass
  • Red Vermouth "Del Professore" → € 4 per glass
  • Gamondi Superior White Vermouth → € 4 per glass
  • Gamondi Superore Red Vermouth → € 4 per glass
  • Vermouth rosé Belsazar → € 5 per glass
  • Vermouth rosso Cocchi → € 5 per glass
  • Vermouth bianco superiore riserva Carlo Alberto → € 8 per glass


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Osteria dai Babi

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