Pocapaglia is surrounded by one of the most beautiful views of the Roero: the “Rocche”, whose wild looks have originated endless legends and myths.

On the portal of the castle that dominates the town are carved some war symbols, traditionally related to Sansovino.

Among the other monuments, interesting are the baroque church of sant’Agostino and the little church of san Giorgio, probably built by the Longobards.


Pocapaglia was first owned by the bishop of Asti, then by the Falletti family (since 1300), who bought the Breme abbey and owned the town until the family ended in 1748.

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The church of saint Augustine

Via Cavour, Pocapaglia, CN, Italia
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The church of Santa Chiara

Chiesa Santa Chiara, Via Barbacana, Bra, CN, Italia
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The Cisterna d’Asti Castle

Cisterna D'asti, AT, Italia
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Big White Bench

Via Cuneo, 1, 12040 Vezza d'Alba CN, Italia
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The tower of Corneliano

Corneliano d'Alba, CN, Italia
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The Castle of Guarene

Castello di Guarene, Guarene, CN, Italia
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Bra, CN, Italia
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