It’s the door to the Asti part of the Langhe. Here the pilgrims come by feet from the Belbo and Bormida rivers to visit the Caffi sanctuary, a bizarre, oriental-looking church that dominates the panoramic hill towards Loazzolo; here come also many gourmets, because of the quality of the food and prestigious wines.

The small parts of the frescos still visible in the Sant’Ilario chapel are next to the works of one of the last turuné (torrone-maker) of the hills, Faccio, who can be found in every fair of every town.


The town is believed to have been founded by a tribe from Liguria. But als the Romans lived there; this is known thanks to the fact that in some documents there are hints to the cassinae, the stables where the caseus, cheese, was made. This name has remained in the town’s name.

In the Middle Ages the town developed and acquired its present looks; later, it was owned by the town of Asti, Alessandria, the lords of Monferrato and the Sforza.

In 1615 the French robbed and set fire to the whole place: even the castle was knocked down, except for the tower and some underground galleries. The town was then a property of the Savoia royal family.

Events in Cassinasco and around

  • 07 Apr 10 Apr

    Prenotando la tua degustazione scoprirai la storia del nostro territorio e della nostra famiglia. Risponderemo alle tue curiosità e ti mostreremo tutte le fasi di produzione del vino

  • 07 Apr 10 Apr

    Cocito Dario produce i più importanti vini del territorio monferrino tra cui la superba Barbera d'Asti DOCG Violanda. Possibilità di visite, degustazioni ed acquisto diretto

  • 07 Apr 10 Apr

    Cascina La Badia, azienda agricola nel comune di Montegrosso d’Asti, lega il suo nome alla produzione del Barbera d'Asti DOCG e propone vino e ospitalità. È possibile prenotare visita e degustazione guidata ed acquistare i prodotti in Cantina.

  • 07 Apr 08 Apr

    Potrete degustare i fiori all’occhiello della produzione: la Barbera e gli Spumanti Metodo Classico

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