Rocca Cigliè

You will enter the town between fields, vineyards and woods.

Rocca Ciglié was, in the past, a strategically important town, but the only remainings of the old castle, built in the XI century and knocked down in the XVIII, are a part that is now a villa, and a square tower, that today stands in the center of the town’s main square.

They aren’t the only reason to go to Roccaciglié.

Very ancient is the cemetery chapel, once a parish church, built in the XI century, but unfortunately not well preserved.

Identically ruined is the chapel of sant’Eusebio, on the road to CarrùMurazzano, where are some interesting sixteenth-century frescos.

The town also produces wine, namely Dolcetto di Dogliani.

Events in Rocca Cigliè and around

13 Aug 20 Aug

Una mostra composta da 15 opere, un confronto che consente di scegliere tra le migliaia di foto del fotografo quelle che consentiranno alla creatività del surrealista di ottenere un risultato di straniamento e riflessione interiore

Eat & Sleep in Rocca Cigliè and around

The Sant’Eusebio Chapel

Cappella di Sant'Eusebio, SP126, Rocca Cigliè, CN, Italia
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Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore, Piazza, Mondovì CN, Italia
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Carrù: the castle

Castello di Carrù, Via Stazione, Carrù, CN, Italia
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St. Florence’s Chapel

SP196, 1, 12060 Bastia Mondovì CN, Italia
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The Mondovì funicular railway

Piazza San Pietro, Mondovì, CN, Italia
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Castle of Cigliè

Piazza Castello, 12060, Cigliè, CN, Italia
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