Baldissero d’Alba

Built on the top of one of the Rocche, Baldissero is a rural town: here strawberries are grown, along with the grapes with which two great wines are made, the Roero and the Arneis.

The town is dominated by the castle of the Colonna family.

The parish church of saint Catherine is very beautiful; the 13-century Romanesque apse, dedicated to saint Anthony, is a trace of its ancient origins.

In the village of  Baroli, on the road to Ceresole, there’s an ornithological observatory, equipped with a ringing center.


Until 1548 it was a part of the marquisate of Saluzzo, after having been owned by the Colonna family of Baldissero a cadet branch of “de Summaripa” family.

In 1601, after fifty years of French dominion, it became a possession of the Savoia royal family.

Events in Baldissero d’Alba and around

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Colonna Castle

Via Roma, 3, 12040 Baldissero D'alba CN, Italia
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By bicycle from Monticello to Bra

Monticello d'Alba, CN, Italia
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The church of Santa Chiara

Chiesa Santa Chiara, Via Barbacana, Bra, CN, Italia
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MuBATT Museum of the Battle

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, II, 2, 12040 Ceresole Alba CN
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San Vittore's Church

Str. S. Vittore, 28, 12040 Priocca, CN, Italia
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The church of saint Augustine

Via Cavour, Pocapaglia, CN, Italia
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The Cisterna d’Asti Castle

Cisterna D'asti, AT, Italia
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