Fabrizio Battaglino

Winegrower in Vezza d’Alba

Fabrizio’s company is small, but great for goals and ambitions.

The vineyard area has 5 hectares of vineyards, which allow family management and, above all, attention to the smallest details of the entire production cycle.

In the vineyard nature grows lively and luxuriant: Fabrizio does not use herbicides and undertakes to keep chemical treatments to a minimum.

Always with a view to respecting the environment, the winery is powered by green and clean energy, thanks to solar panels that eliminate the need to use gas.

Every year about 25,000 bottles are produced, all vinified with healthy grapes and with great care, from fermentation to bottling.

Events at Fabrizio Battaglino

The Wines

The production is personally supervised by Fabrizio, from grapes to bottle.

In the labels produced you can find the aromas and flavors of the territory.

To age his wines, Fabrizio uses only barriques.

The choice falls on needs dictated by the small size of his cellar, but this does not exclude a long period of experimentation and experience that convinced him to continue on this path.

The wines aged in barriques are balanced, elegant and tell the story of the grapes with which they are produced without focusing on the barrel roasting.

To test the result, during the tasting it will be possible to examine Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Para’Di’ and Roero DOCG Colla.

Both vinified with Nebbiolo grapes, grown in soils with different exposures, they follow the same steps in barriques, for the same period and in barrels of the same age. The result, however, is extremely different.

Alongside these bottles, Fabrizio also produces Barbera, Roero Arneis, passito and a Metodo Classico of Nebbiolo grapes.

Produced Wines

Roero DOCG Riserva Colla
Roero DOCG Colla
Roero Arneis DOCG Bastìa
Barbera d'Alba DOC Munbèl
Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC Para'Di'
Vino Bianco Passito Bric Bastìa
Metodo Classico Brut Nebula Nature

Vineyards Extension

5 Ha

N° of Bottles


Vineyards Location

Vezza d'Alba

Agricultural Method

Integrated pest management

Visits & Tastings

There is only one way to find out if the choice of the barrique is right: taste the wines with Fabrizio.

The visit begins with a walk in the Colla and Sergentin vineyards. Here the view is stunning and sweeps over narrow gorges and steep slopes typical of the Roero, up to the Abbey of Superga, in Turin.

You’ll then continue in the cellar, in the fermentation and aging rooms, to learn about the production process and aging.

At the end of the visit, you’ll move on to the guided tasting, during which Fabrizio tells the story of each label: you can choose between different types of tasting, based on which product interests you the most.

Tasting proposals

Small Tasting → 15,00 € per person

3 wines of your choice: for those who have little time, or want to be “specific”.

Complete tasting → 25,00 € per person

6 wines of your choice: for those who want to try a complete overview of local wines.

All about Nebbiolo → 30,00 € per person

An overview of the most typical grape of Langhe & Roero: Nebbiolo! You will taste 4 labels: the Roero DOCG Colla, the Roero DOCG Colla Riserva, the Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Para’Dì and the Metodo Classico Sparkling Wine.

Vertical Arneis → 35,00 € per person

If you want to learn more about the traditional white of the Langhe, to discover its history and nuances: you will taste the current vintage and 2 previous vintages.

Vertical Roero DOCG → 40,00 € per person

If you want to learn more about the most important red of Roero, a close relative of Barolo & Barbaresco, to discover its history and nuances: you will taste the current vintage and 3 previous vintages.


max 25 people

Visit Duration

1h 30m



Tasting Price

Starting at 15€


Roero, a wild land, less touched by tourism than Langhe

Fabrizio Battaglino’s cellar is located in Vezza d’Alba, with vineyards growing on one of the highest hills of the Roero.

From here one can see clearly the difference between this territory, still more or less “untouched”, and the clean hills of the Langhe, which after decades of monoculture have little left of the wilderness.

The total respect of the territory in Fabrizio’s work is in part to be connected to the peculiarity of this area, whose features are in the eyes of the producer an asset to be preserved at all costs.

Picnic & walk in the vineyards

To pay homage to the splendor of the land owned and share it with others, Fabrizio offers a signposted route that will lead you among bricchi, historic vineyards and ancient trees.

You will find colored poles that indicate the different points of interest, and colored “bunse” (the containers in which verdigris was once made) to mark the way.

The proposals

Aperitif in the vineyard (min. 2 people) → 25,00 € / 30,00 € per person

1 bottle of Roero Arneis Bastia or Nebula Nature Metodo Classico, breadsticks, salami, tuma and hazelnuts.

Picnic in the vineyard (min. 2 people) → 40,00 € per person

1 bottle of Roero Arneis Bastia or Barbera d’Alba Superiore Munbèl or Vino Rosso, bread, salami, Piedmontese appetizer, tuma, honey, biscuits and hazelnuts. Both proposals give you a bag, placemat, ‘Battaglino’ Riedel glasses, corkscrews and cutlery and guarantee you a 10% discount on purchases at the cellar.

Bike Tour → from 170,00 € for two people

If you like the idea of a bike ride, the Roero hills are perfect. The tour will end in the Colla and Bastia vineyards, and will conclude with a visit to a winery and wine tasting! You will be able to agree on the length and difficulty of the route, and even rent bikes in case you don’t have them.

The "forced" choice of manual labor

The narrow valleys and gorges, on which steep and rugged hills rise, affect the cultivation of the vine, often preventing you from reaching the rows with the tractor and thus "forcing" manual labor, which is longer and more tiring but undoubtedly synonymous with a healthy vineyard with attention to detail.

Prices & Services

Information regarding the visit

Different types of tasting

  • Reduced Tasting: 3 wines of your choice → 15,00 € per person
  • Full Tasting: 6 wines of your choice → 25,00 € per person
  • All about Nebbiolo: overview of Nebbiolo with 4 labels → 30,00 € per person
  • Vertical Arneis: overview of the Arneis with 3 vintages → 35,00 € per person
  • Vertical Roero DOCG: panoramic view of the Roero with 4 vintages → 40,00 € per person
  • Aperitif in the vineyard: 1 bottle of wine and snacks to be consumed in the vineyard → 25,00/30,00 € per person
  • Picnic in the vineyard: 1 bottle of wine and local products for your picnic in the vineyard → 40,00 € per person
  • Bike tour: visit and wine-tasting in the cellar + bike tour in the vineyards → from 170,00 € for two people

More information

  • At the end of the tour it is possible to buy wines at favorable prices
  • Purchased bottles can be sent directly to the home
  • Your pet friends are welcome
  • The parking is large and can accommodate cars and buses


Pets Allowed Direct Sales WiFi Parking Lot

Accepted Payments

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Fabrizio Battaglino

Via Montaldo Roero, 44, 12040 Vezza d'Alba, Vezza D'alba CN, Italia
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