Roddino, outside the Barolo disciplinary area, is famous for its Dolcetto and Nebbiolo wines, which, because of the height of the hills and the composition of the soils, give the wines a characteristic personality and strength, such that they are called “baroleggiante.”

Not far from Monforte, it is halfway along the road to Pedaggera in Alta Langa.

Vineyards characterize the entire landscape, but pastures also begin to appear.

The 1400 parish church dedicated to Santa Margherita, in which a valuable baptistery is preserved, is a must.

Not far from the village stands a chapel that features a Romanesque apse and dates back to 1100.

Roddino in the past

Roddino (pop. 703). High hill, watered by the Talloira, 6 kilometers from Monforte d’Alba. Parish of Santa Margherita, of ancient construction. Charitable congregation founded in 1862. Grain and wine, selling largely to the Narzolini.

Historical notes. – After the purchase of the marquisate of Saluzzo, Charles Emmanuel of Savoy gave Roddino as a fiefdom to Michele Antonio Saluzzo, lord of Manta, from whom it passed to his descendants, who owned a castle there, of which there are no longer any vestiges.

Gustavo Straforello
Torino 1891 – La patria. Geografia dell’Italia. Provincia di Cuneo – Volume 1

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