If you stay on the thalweg you will not fully appreciate Cessole’s beauty.

You will have to walk along the old steep road and pass the ancient noble houses, until you’ll enter the town square in front of the church, where at Christmas there’s a beautiful living crib; there, you’ll see the market.

Then, walk to the entrance of the lower church and go to the apse; it looks like a Norman abbey.

In front of it there’s the big hill to the Tatorba valley and the Madonna della Neve sanctuary.


The name of the town comes probably from a quite common patronym of the Liguri Stazielli tribe, who in the ancient times lived there.

In 1142 Cessole was a part of the marquis of Cortemilia, Bonifacio Minore’s heredity; later, it was given to Enrico, marquis of Savona and Del Carretto.

After many different episodes, in 1631 it was definitively given to the dukes of Savoia, who would own it until the end of their reign.

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