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The Castle of Olmo Gentile

in Olmo Gentile

The castle of Olmo Gentile is made of two deeply different parts: the tower and the keep.

The square tower, of sandstone, was probably built in the XII century. On its top are four big stones, that probably were the support for a balcony, today disappeared.

The keep was built in 1681 for the bishop Gozzani, running away from Acqui; he lived here for some time. Inside, before the recent restoring, there were still some frescos – on the stairs and sone ceilings -, a beautiful fireplace and pavements.

The ancient door to the fortified village came down in 1951 (its supports are still visible on the walls), while on the back there’s a building, called the “serfs’ house”, restored in 1818 and used as a home until 1970.

The Castle of Olmo Gentile

Via Piave, 1, 14050 Olmo Gentile, AT, Italia
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San Giorgio Scarampi: the parish church

Via Brofferio, 18, 14059 San Giorgio Scarampi AT, Italia
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Castellino Tanaro: the tower

Torre di Castellino Tanaro, SP115, Castellino Tanaro, CN, Italia
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Serole: the parish church of saint Lawrence

Via Roma, 20, 14050 Serole AT, Italia
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The Sant’Eusebio Chapel

Cappella di Sant'Eusebio, SP126, Rocca Cigliè, CN, Italia
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Cisterna d’Asti: the castle and the arts and crafts museum

Via Duca D'Aosta di Sopra, 21, 14010 Cisterna D'asti AT, Italia
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