Olmo Gentile

Olmo is said to be the visible bond between the Langhe and Liguria, between the hills and the sea; a land rch in seashells and marine fossils.

If you’re looking for the best view of the Langhe around Asti, go to Olmo on an autumn day, at sunset.

The bishops of Acqui were right four centuries ago, when they decided to spend their summer holidays in Olmo; they built a two-floor stone balcony in the restored castle.

The town is all there: the church, the town hall, the castle. But Olmo offers other things: try to walk down the road to Lavagnini, where are some of the most ancient farms in the Langhe, some big, square houses covered in dark stones, built in the far XV and XVI centuries.

There was the town, once: the French destroyed it and the people were obliged to move higher up the hill.


The first news about the town are of 1142, when Olmo was given to the marquis of Cortemilia.

It was later owned by the Del Carretto and Scarampi; in 1595 it was named a marquisade and given to Carlo Guglielmo di Valperga; later, to the Scaglia di Verrua family.

In 1613, during the succession war in Monferrato, it endured a Spanish siege.

It became then a property of the Savoia family.

Events in Olmo Gentile and around

  • 01 Jun

    Un'escursione davvero speciale nel territorio dell’Alta Langa, le cui colline, immerse in un verde smeraldino e in una natura rigogliosa, sono avvolte in una atmosfera di pace e tranquillità

  • 01 Jun

    Una giornata per scoprire i grandi vini di Langa e alcuni prodotti agroalimentari di “filiera corta” attraverso il racconto e giochi sensoriali

  • 07 Jun

    E-bike Tour guidato tra le colline dell'Alta Langa con aperitivo conclusivo

  • 07 Jun

    Degustazione guidata di approfondimento a tema incontro tra Nebbione e zona dell'Alta Langa

Eat & Sleep in Olmo Gentile and around

The Castle of Olmo Gentile

Via Piave, 1, 14050 Olmo Gentile, AT, Italia
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The Sant'Eusebio Chapel Chapel

Cappella di Sant'Eusebio, SP126, Rocca Cigliè, CN, Italia
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The church of Saint Mary

Regione Zabaldano, 20, 14059 Vesime AT, Italia
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The Tuesday market in Canelli

Piazza Carlo Gancia, Canelli, AT, Italia
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The parish church of saint Lawrence

Via Roma, 20, 14050 Serole AT, Italia
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The parish church of Sant'Ilario

Chiesa di Sant'Ilario, Via Castello, Cassinasco, AT, Italia
Discover ↝

The parish church of saint Anthony the Abbot

Via del Castello, 25, 14051 Loazzolo AT, Italia
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