Niella Belbo

The town centre offers a beautiful view over the valley.

The town is surrounded by woods and streams.

In the eighteenth century the csanctuary of Madonna dei Monti was built.

Many happenings take place here, among which the patronal fair of san Giorgio and the holiday fair in July.


This town’s name has a bizarre origin: it comes from “nighella”, the name of an herb often found in this land.

The town is already referred to in a document dating from the year 1033.

From the medieval times stand a square tower, some ruins of the ancient walls and an arch.

The latter has been called “arch of the French”, to remember the passage of a troop of 12,000 soldiers during Napoleon’s first Italian campaign.

Events in Niella Belbo and around

  • 01 Jun

    Un'escursione davvero speciale nel territorio dell’Alta Langa, le cui colline, immerse in un verde smeraldino e in una natura rigogliosa, sono avvolte in una atmosfera di pace e tranquillità

  • 01 Jun

    Una giornata per scoprire i grandi vini di Langa e alcuni prodotti agroalimentari di “filiera corta” attraverso il racconto e giochi sensoriali

  • 07 Jun

    E-bike Tour guidato tra le colline dell'Alta Langa con aperitivo conclusivo

  • 07 Jun

    Degustazione guidata di approfondimento a tema incontro tra Nebbione e zona dell'Alta Langa

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