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DOCG Roero

February 8, 2011

(d.o.c.g. decreto 07/12/2004 – d.o.c. D.P.R. 18/03/1985)

The Roero territory locates to the right of the Tanaro river, in a hilly zone of steep slopes and cliffs with ochre-yellow soil.

This territory gives its name to a Docg wine obtained from 95% of Nebbiolo grapes and the addition of 5% of other red, non-aromatic varieties suitable for cultivation in Piedmont.

Roero wine, put on the market as from the 1st July of the second year successive to the harvest, is characterised by:


Ruby or garnet red.


Fruity and characteristic with occasional wooden scents


Dry, good texture, harmonious and sometimes tannic.

Minimum alcohol content: 12,5% by volume.

Minimum total acidity: 4,5 per thousand.

Minimum non-reducing extract: 22 g/litre.

When Roero wine is put on the market as from the 1st of July of the third year after the vintage it can be labelled “riserva” (reserve).