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Let's pair wines with truffle-based dishes

October 1, 2022

In autumn, the undisputed treasure of Langhe, the Alba White Truffle, ripens.

If you are thinking of preparing a truffle-based lunch or dinner with friends and family, here I am giving you great news: the dishes that you pair with truffles (which you can buy online here) are simple. Even basic, I would say, both in terms of taste and preparation.

The dishes to combine with truffles are simple. Even basic, I would say, both in terms of taste and preparation.

In fact, the less elaborate the recipe we choose, the more we will be able to savor the intense and unique taste of the truffle.

Wine & truffle pairing

Before mentioning some dishes with truffles, I would like to make an important premise regarding wine-pairing.

I’ll begin by saying that there are no pairings with wine and truffles.

I’ll begin by saying that there are no pairings with wine and truffles. It’s very important to choose the wine based on the dish which you’ll be serving at the table. This is because truffles are considered a condiment.

Red Wine

Red Wine

Ideally however, we should choose a red wine, slightly tannic and not too structured so as to avoid covering the truffle’s taste. But there’s no rule that says a white wine couldn’t be an excellent choice.

Wine & Food pairings

Let’s now move on to the delicious and fun part. Let’s talk about which dishes are ideal for pairing with truffles and the selection of wines to accompany the dishes.

Tajarin (fettuccine) with truffles

Tajarin (fettuccine) with truffles

Ready to exult with joy over how easy they are to prepare and how good they taste?


The classic appetizers to pair with truffles are the ovuli or porcini salad accompanied by a good Metodo Classico, and raw meat sliced with a knife (also called Albese), paired with a Dolcetto.

First course

Even in this case, simplicity is king.

The plain risotto: its delicate flavor and the warmth of the dish are ideal to release the best aromas of truffles. You can pair it with a Roero DOCG.

Even the classic dish of tajarin, rigorously with butter, is perfect for a nice grating of white. You can savor them with a good Dolcetto.

Alternatively, potato gnocchi with butter, which with their heat will ensure that the scent of the truffle is released at its best. To be paired with a slightly intense Nebbiolo.

Second course

The second courses of the Langhe tradition are often quite elaborate and complex, therefore not ideal to be seasoned with truffles.

Among the simpler options we have the fried egg to accompany a Roero Arneis, or fondue, to be paired with a Nebbiolo.

Preserving truffles

White truffles must be eaten fresh, so i suggest you savor them within a few days, at the most, after buying them.

You can either wrap them in a cloth and store them in an airtight jar or you can keep them in a rice jar, in the refrigerator.

The preserving results are the same, but if you decide to place it in the rice, once the truffle is finished, you can cook a risotto and have fond memories of its superb taste.

When to buy truffles

And finally let’s say a few words regarding purchasing the White Truffle from Alba.

The best time of the year to buy this prestigious mushroom is from November to December due to the excellent climatic conditions which favor its perfect maturation.

Langhe - Truffles hunting

Truffles hunting

Furthermore, since production increases during this time of year, there’s also a slight decrease in their price.

You can buy it online here, and here you can instead consult a selection of wines to drink with truffle dishes.