Christmas in Langa

Discover our traditions and visit Langhe during the most awaited period of the year!

In Langhe the Christmas mood timidly makes its way among the people already from mid-November with the half excuse of “getting ready in time”, which then again is nothing but a fearless wait for the most beloved holiday of the year.

It is not the right place to be for the Grinch of the world: we start with the decorations in every street of every town, we continue with the first markets and events that then become the regular appointment of each weekend until the end of December.

The initial fear towards the first cold is fought with courage thanks to the traditional hot spicy drinks – mulled wine and hot chocolate – and to the many other symbolic elements of winter in Langhe.

In short, when the roasted chestnuts start to scent the streets, when hidden nativity scenes pop out everywhere and the Christmas choirs are the background of the weekends you can be sure that Christmas is coming. And with it – hopefully – also the first snowfalls.


Dining table & leisure

Christmas in Langa

Customs and folklore of the holiday period in these hills

Us Langhetti are traditionalist people, made up of rituals and recipes that we jealously guard, inherited from grandparents and handed down to grandchildren.

Even if some symbols of our culture originate from elsewhere, we have the ability to take a tradition and make it our own, adding elements of the strongly peasant nature that characterizes us.

If in other places the folklore is gradually being lost, in these hills the rites of the past echo strongly: in particular at Christmas, time for family,  games and delicious food.

A Christmas in which culinary ingredients change function and pasta and beans become token for the bingo game, during which there's always a silly uncle who says "ambo" after the first number.

Christmas with the aroma of dried mandarin on putagè. The same Christmas of dried fruit at the end of a meal, roasted chestnuts, cheeses and cugnà.

Grandmother's hand-made plins, which are too good and leave no room for the meat braised in Barolo, which in any case is excellent as a leftover.

The wines for Christmas

Being the Langhe, it is also the Christmas of good bottles, the ones that we wait to open all year round and that now during the lunch or dinner on the 25th are uncorked in a crescendo of intensity and aging.

Hence, starting from the most delicate appetizers such as veal with tuna sauce, the glasses get filled with fresh whites, Chardonnay and Favorita.

With the first courses, Barbera is inevitably brought to the table: its acidity goes perfectly with the fat of the roast sauce.

The second courses require more complexity and we then move on to Nebbiolo, with Barolo and Barbaresco, to then close with the final toast of panettone and Moscato.

Lunches and dinners at home

The traditional dishes, to prepare and taste together

We’ve seen what are the historical Christmas elements that have always animated these hills in the months of November and December, but now let’s get practical.

If you are one of those who always chooses a community meal at home rather than to celebrate at the restaurant, served and revered by the waiters, you are also aware of the work that awaits you: the festive dishes are always special, and require more effort than the preparations of everyday.

Over the years we’ve suggested complete menus several times, complete with wine pairings as well: you can choose between classic selections and alternative Christmas menus… we guided you step by step with our favorite recipes to make your choice easier.

But remember to not overdo it: the enthusiasm for cooking for the whole family is unparalleled, but you can always share the work with the other partecipants so that everyone focuses on one dish. And if one just doesn’t have the talent for cooking, he can always take care of washing dishes at the end of the meal :-)


While if you prefer the restaurant...

Christmas presents

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Give a piece of Langa!

The Christmas period is magical, but it is also made of important choices, which are not just about where to eat, where to stay or how to spend your free time.

The gifts you choose for your loved ones have a value and remain for a long time – and I do not mean an economic value, but sentimental: through your choice you prove to know the other person, to have his interests at heart.

For this reason, rather than buying something material it can be interesting to make a gift that is a little different, like something handmade, an experience to live together, a nice bottle (a brilliant idea, here we explain why).

The LoveLanghe team has done a lot to help you: starting from our guide on how to choose the right wine based on the character, passing through the Christmas bundles that you can buy on ShopLanghe up to the precious LangheBox.

All you have to do is write a nice list of all the people you’re getting gifts for and focus on finding the right one!


Regali di Natale
Un pacco da scartare

Attraverso il dono dimostri di conoscere i tuoi cari e di avere a cuore i loro interessi.

LangheBox All inclusive packages

I Tre Poggi - Piscina interna

Gift a LangheBox!

Enjoy a relaxing holiday and live a complete experience, without the thought of having to book services.

Discover them all

Gift Wine for Christmas

Wine is usually drunk in company: what better gift to celebrate a long-standing friendship? With this choice you are never wrong!

Discover the bundles

Activities for the winter

Hide from the cold and discover the territory!

In summer and during the Truffle Fair the Langhe fill up with tourists from all over, while the winter season is often underestimated.

Big mistake: the hills and the vineyards gain even more charm, especially with the first snowfalls, and for those who are sensitive to the cold weather there is no shortage of indoor activities!


When the hills turn white with the first snowfalls, or even only in the gray rainy days, there is nothing better than to soak in a hot tub with a panoramic view or enjoy a relaxing massage to loosen the muscles affected by the cold.

The Langhe offer various proposals in terms of Spa, for all price ranges.


Hiding in a museum when it’s sunny and warm outside sounds like a bad choice to anyone, but finding shelter from the cold and at the same time gaining artistic knowledge is a “win-win” you shouldn’t miss.

Alba Sotterranea, the Eusebio Museum, Fondazione Ferrero… already in Alba the proposals are varied: discover all the Langhe museums and make the most of a winter day.


These lands, a World Heritage Site, are famous for their medieval villages perched on the hills, which 9 out of 10 times have an impressive castle.

Some of these are private and closed to the public, admirable only externally, while others have been restored to their former glory with stylish furniture and interactive tours.


One of the most recognized quality of the Langhe is certainly the oenological vocation, with lands that give life to some of the most renowned wines in the world.

Wine production is a predominant business, which sees wineries of all beliefs and dimensions in almost all the towns of the area.

Most producers offer various types of visits, instructive and stimulating meetings, perfect for a rainy day.

castello di Serralunga
Il Castello di Serralunga d'Alba

Costruito tra il 1340 ed il 1357, secondo forme poco usuali in Italia, ma tipiche dei Donjon francesi trecenteschi, fu una dei castelli della famiglia dei Falletti.

The places you must visit

Stay warm and dry and discover many cultural and artistic aspects. The guided tours are really interesting: try them!

Castles and museums

The producers you mustn't miss

"Wineries open their doors" allows you to enter the life of the producers.

The week before Christmas is always rather hectic: the last working sprints, the expense for the most anticipated dinners and lunches, the Christmas presents.

To cut daily stress, visit a winery and enjoy the moment while also finding gifts!

Discover the work of those who really produce wine, have a chat in absolute relaxation, taste the best wines of the Langhe and, before returning home, buy the wines you liked at unbeatable prices: you can bring them to the table during meals or put them under the tree for your loved ones.

How does “Wineries open their doors” work

There are different types of reception, some more intimate and friendly, others more formal and detached.

Small producers tend to be the ones most willing to open up and share the secrets of their work, but they are also the most complicated to reach as they are often not very structured for visits.

With “Wineries open their doors” you have the opportunity to discover genuine, smaller and less publicized realities, which you might not discover otherwise.

You can choose among the participating producers the one that most intrigues you and that is closest to your taste and get in direct contact with him to establish a date of visit: at the end of the tour you can taste his wines paired with various local gastronomic proposals!


Sergio Abbona - Cà Neuva
Sergio Abbona

è il proprietario della cantina e ti rivelerà i segreti del suo mestiere.

Wineries open their doors

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Other events

Piedmont’s offer for the Christmas and New Year festivities is truly vast, all you have to do is discover all the events and get organised.

Christmas & New Year in the Langhe

Markets, children's animations, cribs, lunches, dinners and much more!

Discover them all

Where to sleep

Also with regard to the receptive structures the Langhe offer a wide choice of proposals, different for style, offer and price. Choose the one that’s right for you!

Where to sleep

See all accommodations →

Truffle hunting

One of the most unique experiences our area can offer

We have seen that there is no shortage of options for rainy days, but don’t think you have to stay indoors in winter.

Grab some warm clothes and get ready to head into the woods and trails of the Langhe and Roero: it’s truffle hunting time!

Fear not, the initial cold will quickly be forgotten given the dynamism of the search, in which you and the trifulau will have to keep up with the tabui (dog).

The dog, wandering through the trees and sniffing the ground, will look for traces of the hypogeous mushroom and start digging: you will experience first-hand the excitement when the precious truffle emerges from a mound of earth.

And if at the end of the activity you don’t want to go home empty-handed, you can always choose to buy the truffles found directly from the trifulau!


Don't trust anyone who tells you that they will let you do a 'real' truffle search that is not simulated. The trails and search sites are jealously guarded secrets of every trifulau, and they are unlikely to be willing to 'sell them out' to the first person who comes along.

Walking in the woods with the trifulau and his tabui

The expert will be able to answer all your questions: choose whether to have an exclusive experience or join other groups!