Easter in Langa

Discover ancient Easter traditions, be inspired by our recipes and dream of a journey of discovery in the Langa.

In the Langhe, Easter and Easter Monday have always been celebrated with enthusiasm.

Usually the first is celebrated with family, then reunited with friends on Monday in what, weather permitting, is the most anticipated barbecue of the year.

In this special we want to give you a general smattering of all the customs of these two days, including recipes, culture, activities, and oenology, to spend these festive days in full Langhetto style.

We hope it gives you inspiration: we think there is no lack of material :-)

Cantè J'Euv

The Feast of Singing Eggs

The Cantar le Uova festival is an ancient peasant tradition that developed in the lower Piedmont region and follows the deadlines of the Christian calendar.

During Lent, young people in the villages would go out to sing eggs.

The all-male clique, equipped with musical instruments and a cavagnin (a basket), would walk miles and stop from farmstead to farmstead to sing the auspicious refrain:

Soma partì da nostra ca' (we left our home)
fin da la prima seíra (since the first evening)
per venirvi a salutè (to come and greet you)
deve la bona seira (darvi la buona sera)

They asked for a gift of eggs, a commodity of note for the time, a symbol of fertility, of the countryside opening up to the fruits of the year.

The eggs collected, were used by women to make omelets for the merendina (lunch in the meadows) on Easter Monday.

This event used to be attended by the whole community.

At Easter, every family has its own traditions: there are those who usually meet with relatives for long home-cooked meals, and those who rather eat out and not have to worry about anything.

After lunch, some like to enjoy an intimate afternoon relaxation, exchanging eggs and organizing games and activities in the courtyard, while others choose social life by partecipating in one of the local events.

In Langhe the propositions satisfy every need, every age and every group of people: friends, kids, extended family, gather your team and evaluate the options.

Below you will find our selection of trivia, recipes, wines, events and more to help you better plan these two days of celebration.

Our area is magical in the spring, and whether you are a langhetto or an outsider, if you pass through here, you will know how to find what you are looking for.

What are you waiting for? Read on and get organized now!

The greatest mystery

The date of Easter

Although we all know the reason for its celebration-the resurrection of Jesus on the third day of his death-few people know why the date of the celebration changes each year.

In fact, the lunar cycle is followed to set the date: Easter Day always falls on the Sunday following the first full moon (full moon) of spring.

The recipes for your Easter

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The best wines for Easter and Easter Monday

Undecided on wines to bring to the table? For the occasion, together with the producers, we have designed 6-bottle packs, all discounted!

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Not only in August

The barbecue

Is Easter for you synonymous with grilling? Although the spring weather is crazy, if the sun is on your side, call your friends, pick the sunniest meadow and get the ball rolling.

Light the flame-you choose whether to use charcoal, wood, gas or smoker-arm yourself with tongs and forks and pour yourself a drink.

Hours and hours of toil, mixed with pure pleasure, await you.

Whether you are a meat, fish or vegetable lover, we have ready for you a foolproof decalogue (complete with a digression on sauces).

So here are the best tips and tricks from experts and enthusiasts.

After these readings, the grid will have no more secrets!


For the sports-minded

Whether you are a tourist or a hilly “native” like us, there are many routes you can take on foot or by bicycle.

And if tough climbs really scare you, hop on an electric bike(you can rent them here), which takes the fear away.

Here are some routes we can recommend for you to take a jaunt through the territory.

Get to know the territory

Each part of the Langa has its own characteristics. On foot or by bicycle you will have a better chance of catching its nuances.

If the weather is nice

Picnics, snacks and foraging

When the sun gives us warm, bright days, the desire to get our beaks out increases.

In such cases, there is no better thing than a snack in the open countryside, surrounded by the quiet that the daily grind keeps us away from.

Then prepare some cold dishes and set out for a picnic or snack on the meadows. Use whatever term you like, the concept is the same!

Don’t be put off by the recipes to put in the basket: in addition to the typical Easter recipes, we gladly suggest others in this article.

Have you never experienced the excitement of a picnic? There are some elements you must not forget for flawless success. One example? A large blanket to spread out and spend a few hours relaxing at the end of a snack.

Last (but not insignificant) piece to complete the puzzle: the perfect location. Whether in the Roero, Alta or Bassa Langa, choose it carefully.


Before or after your picnic, take the opportunity to gather some wild herbs.

Some of the varieties you commonly see in the fields and woods of the Langhe can become a tasty ingredient for your dishes or a DIY remedy for certain ailments.

Clouds in Langa What to do when it rains

If you find yourself in the area on a rainy day, fear not: the wide range of activities allows you to get to know the area even under cover. In short, your journey is not compromised!

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All events for Easter and Easter Monday

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Easter & Easter Monday 2024

Take advantage of the many offerings the area has in store for you: Wineries Open Their Doors, luncheons, barbecues and more!

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