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Alba White Truffle Fair

A limited and safe version of the biggest event in Langhe: find an answer to all of your questions!

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    The events

    An interested corollary that offers entertainment for the whole family.

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    Tips and suggestions

    To better enjoy the fair, discover our tips, even on parking!

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    The truffle

    Buy it at the fair or enjoy the party and buy it at home on ShopLanghe.

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    Your stay

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The International White Truffle Fair is undoubtedly the main event in Alba, one of the most important events for the city and world showcase for Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

Its growth has marked the transformations of the city and its inhabitants, bringing not only tourism, but also art, culture and history.

A moment of celebration not to be missed during which the town is decorated with colorful banners and banquets and offers the visitor many cultural and gastronomic events.

For lovers of the famous underground mushroom and wine tourists, the Fair is an undisputed autumn stopover that offers the opportunity to visit the surrounding area.

If you don’t want to miss it, on this page you will find lots of information, tips and ideas to make the most of it.

Joy and fun await you!

The history of the Fair

Between celebrations and traditions

The truffle fair was officially established in 1929 as the "Fair of the Langhe Truffles" and in 1932 it became the "Truffle Fair".

Consequently, the numerous autumn fairs and festivals of the area were gathered over the years, as well as the harvest festivals of Alba, increasingly enriching the program and enlivening its participation.

The idea of ​​associating an aspect of historical re-enactment with the Manifestation was conceived by Pinot Gallizio, the famous painter from Alba, who more with a goliardic spirit than a true historiographical reconstruction, wanted to make fun of the historical "enemy" of Asti.

Over time the Truffle Fair has grown, even after the tragic stop dictated by the Second World War and the difficulties of the 1960s.

The range of proposals, both for tourists and for "natives", has considerably expanded.

From the moments of conviviality of the Bacchanal and the "Il Borgo si rievoca", passing through the guided tastings, up to the always entertaining Palio degli Asini, the Fair offers something interesting just to everyone: adults, children, foreigners and Italians.

Finally, it is an opportunity to discover, in addition to the very expensive truffle, all the other local delicacies: wine and hazelnuts, cheeses and cured meats ...

And why not, also some precious cultural treasure.

News and curios facts

The "borghi" and the re-enactment

During the Fair, the city of Alba divides into nine villages (the equivalent of the districts of Siena), each with its enamels (colors) and coats of arms.

Protagonists of donkey races, fashion shows, flag challenges, as well as game organizers and edible banquets during the bacchanal, the Villages are run by volunteers of all ages.

They are grouped in the Giostra delle Cento Torri, the association created in the 1960s to bring back to life the “tradition” of the Palio degli Asini, abandoned after the Second World War.

The Giostra and its villages have become, over the last 40 years, one of the pillars of the Truffle Fair, organizing some of the most interesting, fun and colorful events.

The villages parading

Traffic stops and everyone admires the parade that marches to the beat of drums.

All the events of the Fair

Whether they are official or collateral, don't miss them!

Discover them

Practical tips

Here are our suggestions for getting the most out of the Fair in terms of traffic (pedestrian and non).

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    Given the great crowd of people, riding with a stroller in some streets can be almost impossible: better to go without it and equip yourself in other ways.

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    Pet friends

    The streets of the city center on the weekend of the fair are really crowded. It is the right time to leave "Fido" at home rather than rushing him into the Sunday crowd.

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    If leaving early in the morning is not your thing, avoid looking for parking in the city center, the best seats will already have been taken. So get ready for a little walk and leave the car a little further away. Follow our advice and spend a stress-free day!

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    End of the day

    Around 6/7 pm the traffic stops. The most congested areas are "La Pontina", a road leading to the Tanaro bridge, and via Ognissanti, the one that leads from the center to the Asti-Cuneo motorway. Get ready to queue a little or leave at different times.

Parking lots

Avoid reaching the center by car: fines and closed roads are the order of the day.

1 - Ferrero

Distance from the town center: 10m

Convenient for those arriving from the south (Savona, Cuneo) and the north (Turin, Milan / Asti). It is the largest city car park, although perhaps a bit out of hand.

4 - San Paolo

Distance from the town center: 1m

Ample underground parking, convenient for those arriving from the Alta Langa or Barbaresco. Those arriving from Turin / Asti or from Cuneo will have to cross the city.

2 - Medford

Distance from the town center: 5m
Both free and not

Convenient for those arriving from Turin or Asti. The parking is very large, but located near the bridge over the Tanaro, in one of the most congested areas of the city.

5 - Station

Distance from the town center: 1m

The covered parking is located near the train station. However, its location is not ideal to avoid traffic while entering or leaving the city.

3 - Zona H

Distance from the town center: 3m

Convenient for those arriving from the highway. It is located behind the train station, near a park. From here the center is really close.

6 - Nino Bixio

Distance from the town center: 3m

Great for those arriving from Treiso / Barbaresco / Neive. Unfortunately its small size does not allow it to accommodate more than a hundred vehicles.

4 - Miroglio

Distance from the town center: 10m

Ample parking, very convenient for those arriving from the Alta Langa (Cortemilia) and easily reachable with a "bypass" maneuver for those arriving from Asti / Turin.

8 - Convitto

In the town center

The most central of all, 200m from Piazza Duomo. There is a high risk of finding a lot of traffic at peak hours (from 17:00 to 20:00).


Via Giovanni Ferrero, 12051 Alba CN


Piazza Medford, 12051 Alba (CN)

Zona H

Piazzale Beausoleil, 12051 Alba CN


Via Santa Barbara, 12051 Alba (CN)

San Paolo

Piazza San Paolo, 12051 Alba (CN)


Corso Fratelli Bandiera, 12051 Alba (CN)

Nino Bixio

Via San Rocco, 12051 Alba (CN)


Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 12051 Alba (CN)

Buying guide

Find out where to buy wine without spending a fortune

If you are looking for some prestigious bottles to take home as a souvenir, leave the main streets and head for a cellar.

The reason? The producers will welcome you with immense pleasure and you will have the opportunity to taste the wines even before getting home.

Incredible bottles and absolutely honest prices: the cellars are a must for all wine lovers.

Don’t miss “Wineries open their doors“, an educational appointment that lets you meet firsthand the producers.

Below is a list of all the member wineries that you will find open for a visit and a tasting of great labels.

Alternatively, if you prefer to shop online when you return home, you can consult our selection of wines on this page.

The Langhe offer high quality wines
The Langhe offer high quality wines

Step into the cellars and buy them at unbeatable prices.

Una grattata di tartufo

sa rendere un uovo o un piatto di tajarin un pasto da re.

Kill the appetite

Plan your lunch to enjoy the cuisine of Langhe

Get ready to find no seat in downtown restaurants at lunchtime.

If sandwiches, focaccias and street food banquets are not for you, consider the possibility of a short trip out of town (or book early!)


Did you know that you can buy truffles in the store and take it to the restaurant? The truffle cutter is made available by the restaurateur, and you can taste the precious mushroom in the quantity you prefer, with a considerable saving for your wallet.

The restaurants of the area

Discover them all →

The White Truffle of Alba

A few notions to learn about this fine product

The White Truffle of Alba, to which the fair is dedicated, is an underground mushroom.

The type of soil of the Langa Albese & Astigiana gives truffles that grow in these areas an intense aroma and a very characteristic flavor.

The truffle is looked for by the “Trifulau“, who at night venture into the woods in the company of their companion par excellence: the tabui, or truffle dog.

Protagonists of extreme “wars”, the Trifulau are “mysterious” characters: the hours of the exits, but above all the research sites are jealously guarded secrets that are not revealed at any time.

Il Tuber Magnatum Pico

Un buon tartufo deve essere turgido e compatto, leggermente elastico.

Buying Guide

To buy truffles, it is best to follow some precautions...

Let’s make things clear right away: due to the slight climate change and the late moon phase, the optimal season to find white truffles is moving further and further into the year, with November and December as ideal months.

In October, when the fair is at its peak, the demand is very high, while the offer, given the less than optimal climate, is rather low.

It is therefore easy to come across disproportionate prices, or even, unfortunately, in half-scams (white truffles of “dubious” origin).

Our advice is to buy the truffle at the Truffle Market (admission: € 4.00 per person), even if it is very crowded, or to orientate yourself in small specialized shops.

Alternatively, you can buy fresh truffles directly online at ShopLanghe.

The stock market of Truffle

4.00 € / gram

For retail sale, including VAT - 20g up and up.

Updated weekly - last updated on 11/10/2021

The recipes with truffle

You don’t have to be a great chef to prepare a truffle-based meal. What matters for the success of the dishes are the raw materials.

Truffle and wine A king meal

There are no combinations between truffle and wine. The truffle is considered a condiment, so it is important to choose the wine that is best suited to the dish on which you will scratch the precious underground mushroom.

Discover the selection

While you’re in the area…

If you stay a few days, the Fair becomes just an excuse to visit a magnificent territory and make truly memorable experiences.

Live the experience of the truffle hunt

Walking in the Langa and Roero woods in the company of the trifulau and the tabui.