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Restaurant in Alba

LaLibera is located in the quiet San Giovanni district, the historic center of Alba. It combines the elegance of a restaurant with the convivial spirit of taverns.

The dishes offered by Flavia Boffa and her staff are symbols of the traditional Piedmontese cuisine.

The philosophy of LaLibera is simple and direct: equal attention is given to those who stop to taste just one dish and those who choose the restaurant for a formal dinner or an evening with friends.

The restaurant room

Non-invasive natural light during the day, soft lighting for the evening and stained glass that allows you to get a glimpse of the chefs’ work in the kitchen. Wines and cheeses are well displayed. There’s also a secluded room for you to enjoy in privacy. LaLibera is the ideal setting for ceremonies, convivial moments and dinner for couples.

The European design chandeliers are well combined with the paintings by the Alba born artist Pinot Gallizio and still-life photographs by Luigi Ferrando.

The cuisine

It all begins with the selection of the raw materials: meat, cheese, fish. Chosen exclusively by Flavia from trusted vendors, farmers and local producers.

The choice of dishes depends on the availability of the product, on the season and sometimes even on the day itself: the menu is therefore establish day by day.

The experience is to discover the daily variations within each dish course.

The wine list

The wine list is the result of careful selection, tastings and meetings with the producers.

Alongside the Piedmontese wines, with special references to the Langhe and Roero, you’ll find Italian and international wines as well.

There is also a selection of spirits, among which the famous grappas from Romano Levi, Marolo, Rovero and Sibona.

Flavia will guide guests through the best wine pairings, thanks to her experience and passion for sensory analysis.

Business Hours

Mondays: 8.00 p.m. → 11.00 p.m.
From Tuesday to Saturday: 12.00 → 2.00 p.m. — 8.00 p.m. → 11.00 p.m.

Closing Day



August 8 — August 28
December 23 — January 9 — August 10-23

Spoken Languages

English, Italiano, Français

Special Dish

veal with tuna sauce, knife cut raw meat, ravioli del plin, finanziera, tiramisu

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Menu Price


Wine by the glass



Air Conditioning Pets Allowed Direct Sales WiFi Cafeteria

Accepted Payments

Visa / Cartasi Mastercard American Express


The cuisine is typical of the territory, reinvented and proposed in a genuine way, no frills. There is no tasting menu, rather a selection of dishes that are “always on the menu”: pickled vegetables mix, knife cut raw meat, veal with tuna sauce, tajarin with veal ragu, ravioli del plin, finanziera, rump of veal with capers, roasted goat, veal tripe gratin, tiramisu, panna cotta, fruit.

You’ll always find two antipasti dishes on the menu, a main and second dish made with fresh fish from the catch of the day.

The White Truffle from Alba

At Lalibera there is certainly no shortage of dishes made with truffles, based on the availability and the season. The search for truffles is entrusted by Flavia in the ‘trifulau’ mushroom searchers she knows well.

During the summer (from July to early September) you’ll find black truffles with hints of mushroom, undergrowth and foliage. Instead in autumn (starting from October to December) there’s the famous white truffle from Alba.

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