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Lalibera is spelled the way it is pronounced, in one breath, almost as one word. It brings with it the sophistication of a restaurant and the convivial spirit of taverns.

This is the philosophy of Flavia Boffa, owner of the restaurant located in the historic center of Alba, in the quaint San Giovanni district, where among small stores and workshops it is possible to discover the signature dishes of the most authentic Piedmontese cuisine.

Flavia’s idea is simple and straightforward: whether one stops at Lalibera to taste a dish, for an important evening or a dinner with friends the focus is the same.

It starts with the careful selection of raw materials related to seasonality, combined with the creativity of chefs who can come up with surprising dishes that are never trivial.

The Kitchen

Traditional Piedmontese cuisine is the star of the dishes offered by Lalibera

At Lalibera we look for concrete, honest and knowledgeable cuisine that has been able to renew itself over time, receiving new trust and continuity from those who have always known this place.

These are the values Flavia talks about, and these are the people who work with her: Chef Matteo, in charge of the first and second courses; Alberto, of the appetizers and desserts; and Giacomo, Tamara and Ferdinanda help in the dining room.

The venue and furnishings

Natural light during the day, soft lighting for the evening, and a glass window that allows glimpses of the chefs’ work in the kitchen.

Nothing is left to chance in the venue, even the décor is capable of positively surprising the guest: design lovers will notice the 1930s Louis Poulsen Artichoke lamp, pendant lights and chairs by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen.

On the walls are paintings by Alba painter Pinot Gallizio and photographs by Luigi Ferrando depicting the dishes and products of Piedmontese cuisine, excellences of the area and the true protagonists of the culinary experience proposed by Flavia.

The arrangement of furniture and tables allows for relaxation and intimacy. There is also a secluded room where the large table is suitable for ceremonies and convivial moments.

The outdoor dehor

Summer evenings are even more beautiful at Lalibera thanks to the outdoor area located in the small square adjacent to the restaurant, just a stone’s throw from central Vittorio Emanuele Street, long known as the city’s Via Maestra.


veal tonnato
knife-beaten fassone raw meat
classic agnolotti del plin

Tasting Menu

Starting at 38€

Wine by the Glass

Starting at 4€

Special Menu

  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Vegan: Upon Request
  • Celiac: Upon Request

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At Lalibera, the experience is discovering the daily variations within each course

It all starts with the selection of raw materials, meats, cheeses, fish, chosen directly by Flavia from trusted suppliers, farmers and local producers.

The choice of dishes depends on the availability of the product, the season, and sometimes even the day itself-the menu is thought out daily.

From Puglia to Valle Gesso…

Fresh seafood dishes are always on the menu: the catch is from Antonio, of Pescheria del Molo in Alba and a native of Puglia; the meat is from Parracone of Valdieri, who has been Flavia’s trusted butcher for years.

From the center of the Valle Gesso come the fine meats of Piedmontese-bred female veal, cotechini, pig’s trotters, tripe and salami.

There is no shortage of specialty products such as herb bacon and Valdieri bresaola, boiled meats, chops and lambs.

…To local markets

Fruits, herbs and vegetables are from the home garden located just outside the city.

When first fruits do not come directly from the garden, they are personally chosen by Flavia at the farmers’ market or delivered by trusted growers.


The cheeses, which are prominently displayed in the display case, are served with the typical grape sauce, known in dialect as cugnà, and are those of small farms-cheeses produced artisanally, following old recipes.

So here are the PDO cheeses from Piedmont: tume, Raschera, Roccaverano, Fontina. All chosen by Saluzzo producers, custodians of local traditions.

The cuisine is typical local cuisine, reinvented and offered in a genuine, no-frills way.

There is no tasting menu, but rather a selection of dishes that are always on the menu: giardiniera, knife-beaten raw meat, vitello tonnato, knife tajarin with veal ragout, agnolotti del plin, finanziera, veal rump with capers, roasted kid, veal tripe gratin, Nino Bergese-style raviolone, tiramisu, panna cotta, and compote fruit.

Wines and the White Truffle of Alba

Flavia expertly guides her guests in the best wine pairing

The wine list is the result of careful selections, tastings and meetings with producers: alongside Piedmontese labels, with particular references to the Langa and Roero territory, there are Italian and international realities.

There is also a selection of spirits including the renowned Levi, Marolo, Rovero and Sibona grappas.

The prized White Truffle of Alba

Lalibera is also one of Alba’s best restaurants where you can taste dishes enriched by truffle, first and foremost, the White Truffle from Alba (during the fall and winter seasons).

The friendship and trusting relationship between Flavia and the area’s truffle hunters allow her to present guests with products that are exclusively local and of different types depending on the period of search.

The wine list

Flavia has a passion for the world of sensory analysis. For her, it is crucial to know the wine she is proposing to you and who makes it. Lalibera's carte represents a journey through hundreds of labels from the Italian and international scene.

Prices & Services

Traditional Piedmontese dishes and specialties

Lalibera's proposals

The menu varies according to the availability of seasonal products and is designed daily.


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