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Bell Tower of La Morra

in La Morra

The Bell Tower of La Morra, located in the historic center in the belvedere square, was built between 1709 and 1711, based on a design by Eng. Cocito of Neive who directed the work up to the height of the belfry.

The latter was designed by Eng. Domenico Pettiti of Cherasco, called by the Community of La Morra to solve the slight westward slope of the tower. Pettiti decided not to build the sixth box of the original design and replace it with the bell cell.

Measuring 31 meters high and with a square plan, the tower consists of five floors of simple, understated squares and a Baroque-style belfry. Stone fragments from the pre-existing medieval tower that fell in the 1700s, one of the few traces of the castle demolished in 1544 by order of the occupying French troops, are still visible in the basement.

The tower, owned by the Municipality of La Morra, can be visited from March to November, on Saturdays and Sundays and is located in the belvedere square a few meters away from the La Morra Municipal Winery.

Note 21/11/2023: the Tower is currently closed for renovation

Photo Credits: Federico Carpino

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